Friday, September 30, 2005

PokerStars is the Coolest

PokerStars has to be doing the coolest thing I have seen with on-line poker. Setting up taht tournament for poker bloggers is awesome. While I know I don't stand a chance in hell with all the awesome players, I have always enjoyed playing these things.

The traveling for work has taken quite a toll on me the past few weeks. I'm going to need to change up the routine a little bit and get refocused to the on-line game.

Look forward to playing on PokerStars with everyone.
Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 1112851

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Devastation

One of my favorite trips from my college days, with five close friends, was down to New Orleans for a post-Halloween excursion. Only there for a few days, it was one of the best vacations I have ever had. Eating at some of the best restaurants, with the hottest hostess ever, and partying around town.

It wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time, I’d been to N’Awlins. To me, it is one of America’s best cities. The life down there was just amazing. I love Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, the great food and festivities.

Those are the images I want to have of New Orleans. Not the amazing destruction photos on the news. It is truly unthinkable to see this city almost completely under water. Really, one of those things that you don’t think will “happen to us.”

My thoughts and prayers go to everyone still stuck in the region, waiting to get to drier and safer land. My heart goes out to you as you begin to rebuild everything. I cannot begin to imagine the strength you have to persevere. But, I know you will. New Orleans will be back. We have to do all we possibly can to help and rebuild that infrastructure. Once N’Awlins is back, the best we can do it bring back the tourism and funnel money so desperately needed.

I watch the news and sympathize for the victims and then I see the looters. I don’t have a problem with people looting food and water, and even some of the clothes (to an extent). You have a family to feed and need to take care of them. The clothes and shoes are needed since you lost everything and the stuff you are wearing is soaking wet and ruined. But … but, how in the fuck can you justify plasma televisions, guns, throwback jerseys, etc.? You have to truly be some low-life shithead to care more about that, than trying to help your fellow man/woman and save some lives.

Finally, I love to listen to talk radio. I am the oldest young man you will ever find. The stupid people that they let call in to these shows amaze me. And, for some reason, I love to listen to the liberal talk radio here in town. As you know, I am a moderate conservative, from earlier posts during the election. Anywho, I just heard some woman call and say George W. Bush was behind Hurricane Katrina. Yep, he orchestrated the whole thing by blowing up a bomb under the ocean and working with meteorologists to replicate the air currents. She wasn’t joking. She was dead serious. I have no idea what the host said because I threw my headset across the office.

I hope you all will contribute to relief funds in some shape or manner. I am donating money through my company and will try to join one of the PokerStars tournaments. Go check out the PokerStars Blog or Wil Wheaton for more details.

Lastly, this post was more about New Orleans, but Biloxi and the rest of the Gulf Coast was also devastated. We need to help the entire region with relief efforts. I’ve never made it Biloxi, but I promise, once you rebuild, I will visit too. Keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers and be thankful for what each day brings.