Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Another Local Game

This was sent to me in an e-mail from Texas Hold'em Events


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

We had a great turnout for the June event. The United Way and Ducks Unlimited were the big winners! They along with us at thank you for coming out!

We wanted to invite you to our next event in Milford, Ohio.

Join us for the Milford Community Firefighters Club's No Limit Texas HoldEm Tournament, July 9th, 10th, and 11th at the Milford Firefighters Community Hall located at 1005 Lila Avenue in Milford, Ohio. (In the Milford Shopping Center near the Milford Greenhouse.)

Buy in is $80 per session. Unlimited rebuys of $50 during first 90 minutes (must have $1500 or less in chips). Also available: $1-$2 to $15-$30 Holdem, Stud, and Omaha during and after each tournament.

Lunch and Dinner catered by Texas Roadhouse. Did we mention the $25,000 in prize money?! Plus 5 entries into the Milford Firefighters Invitational, October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th!

Proceeds benefit the Milford Community Firefighters Club.

You can register now at For further details you can call me at 937-272-3378.

Also, look for our Texas Hold'em Championship to be held October 7th-10th at the Roberts Convention Centre with a $25,000 GRAND PRIZE!!

Details will be sent to you soon!!!

God Bless America and have a GREAT 4th of July!!!!

I will probably enter this one. The wife will be at her lakehouse with the girls that weekend. I can't get into too much trouble that way, right?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hold'em Tournament in Cincinnati

For any local readers:

$10,000 No Limit Hold'em Tournament
July 9, 2004 at St. Rita School for the Deaf

300 players max. $200/ticket. No refunds.

If 200 players
1st - $6,800
2nd - $4,000
3rd - $2,200
11th - 15th - $200

If 300 players
1st - $10,200
2nd - $6,000
3rd - $3,300
11th-15th - $300

Registration deadline is Friday, July 2nd.

I don't think I will be participating because $200/ticket and beating 299 players are a little steep for me right now. But, if you are interested...there it is.

I Think I'm A Little Bitter Today...

Alright, how is everyone out there doing today/tonight? I’ve been debating if I should post numerous times a day or just wait and post one long one every few days. This particular post will be more like the latter, but I think I will get back to my regular small blurbs in a day or two. It is often difficult to find the time to do this, but all it takes is a little commitment.

The NBA Draft last Thursday was a joke. That is what the NBA has become. I cannot stand the NBA because of the influx of high school kids and unproven foreigners playing in the league. It has ruined the game. I have never been excited about a basketball game where a team can shoot 30% for the game and that be considered a good performance.

On that note, I will give some perspectives on the Draft. How in the hell do you not draft Emeka Okafor first? I don’t give a rat’s ass about potential. I want to draft players that I know will help my team in the immediate future. That is what a draft is about. Selecting talent that will improve your team the next year, not four years down the road. Dwight Howard, the third HS #1 pick in the last four years, is not ready for the NBA. Truly looking at HS kids, only one genetic freak of nature, was prepared to play the NBA straight out of HS --- Lebron James. Somebody tell me how Kwame Brown is doing. Has the kid learned how to iron clothes yet?

Personally, I’d prefer to draft those players that I know have made themselves into something and proven themselves as winners. Not winners in high school. That is not truly great competition….not that all college ballplayers are great competition either. That is why I like Emeka and teammate Ben Gordon. Kudos to Bernie Bickerstaff for his work with the Bobcats draft. Take the best players on a proven winner – the National Champion University of Connecticut Huskies. Great picks at 2 & 3!

Then you have the Clippers…congratulations for keeping yourselves in the lower class of the NBA for at least another couple years. Oh wait, that’s right, they are drafting on potential! Drafting a skinny kid to run the point guard position in Shaun Livingston. I especially don’t give a fuck about this kid’s potential even if he was a Duke Blue Devil* recruit. (BTW – I fucking hate the Duke Blue Devils. They can have five walk-ons starting and everyone {media dumbasses} believe they should be ranked number one and receive the national title.) Does anyone remember the last great Duke point guard – Chris Duhon? I’m predicting right now, he doesn’t make the Bulls squad. I have to ask this question of the Bulls --- Why do you draft two PGs (Ben Gordon can play the point) in when you have Kirk Hinrich, Jay Williams, and Jamal Crawford? Obviously, they will probably trade Crawford now with the addition of Gordon, and Williams is still out from being an idiot.

The next pick that I actually liked was the Cleveland Cavaliers selection of Luke Jackson from Oregon. He is a proven scorer and will give incredible help to Lebron. Think of it this way…all the attention Lebron gets from the defense should leave plenty of open shots available for Jackson. A career 40% three-point shooter, he should have no problem providing the Cavs with a scoring threat.

Next we have the most overrated kid in the draft. Sebastian “Bassy” Telfair. I’m sorry, but if people called me “Bassy”, I would probably kill myself. Can you sound anymore like a homo? Now, I have seen the kid play. Hell we were forced to because he was the “Next Lebron” and ESPN forced us to watch his games. Sorry…wasn’t impressed. The kid was eaten alive in the McDonald’s All-American games. He’s short and don’t believe he will be making an impact anytime soon. REACT – the next six years.

Whew, I don’t know how much more I can spew about the draft. I will finish this up with the last two picks I liked in the first round…both are proven winners from St. Joe’s. Without them last year, St. Joe’s wins six games. Jameer Nelson, the best PG in the draft (For the record – I consider Gordon a SG) and Delonte West. Both will provide immediate assistance to their teams.

Congrats to my fellow Xavier alums, Romain Sato and Lionel Chalmers and former XU player David Young. Chalmers played his way into the NBA from the last two months of the NCAA. I was happy for David because of how he left XU. You could tell the kid had talent, but he lacked the motivation to prove himself. I’m sure that was hard being behind Romain, but either way, I’m glad he got his act together and was drafted.

There, that’s it. No more talk on the draft.

Next, in my hometown of Louisville, KY, the ACLU is suing the 4th Street Live Nightclub District on a bias in dress code. Fucking great. This is ridiculous. I can’t stand the ACLU. The Rev. Louis Coleman is a piece of shit and will do anything to keep his Rhyming Revrum status.

Here is the article from the Louisville Courier-Journal.

And this just in…the fucking ACLU and protestors won. The Cordish Co. has decided to let up on the dress code status.

Hell, I’m deciding that I have already dropped enough f-bombs, that I don’t need to continue on my rant of this. Instead, I defer to Brian, from Tomfoolery of the Highest Order, with his thoughts on this.

This is the most accurate representation of this: From Brian -
As for the ACLU, this isn't about civil rights, it is about them and money. They want to "get a settlement" and then recover huge legal fees, like they always do. Lousiville needs to tell pull a Cheney on them, and tell them to go F themselves.

Finally, being from the Cincinnati-area, I cannot help but feel remorse for the family of Matt Maupin. I hope and pray he was not killed and is simply of POW at this point. I have had a candle in my window since the day we found out he was missing. This situation pisses me off to no end. The beheading of Americans and Koreans, and now the possible shooting of Matt Maupin, it is all unacceptable. I don’t give a fuck about these militant Iraqi people. I hope our soldiers get them all.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Simply Outdrawn

Quick post tonight about my home game. I played beautifully tonight, but only ended up in third. Simply a case of being outdrawn. I can't be mad about it because I was the huge favorite going in and I baited the guy perfectly. I was holding AQh in a three-handed game and was on the BB. Folded to me and I said, "Do you feel like playing?" Got the guy to call me with a Qs9d. I was loving my lead at that point. Flop comes out 47Qd...obviously I was not thrilled with that flop. Fourth street gives me the As and finally the river comes 5d. Nothing I could do about that. Just unlucky on the flop. I had the cards and made the play I wanted, but it didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Oh well.

Other than that, there weren't too many exciting hands tonight. I decided to play the crazy nights, like Daniel Negraneu (if I misspelled that it is b/c I'm drunk right now) talks about playing once in a while. The guys I play with know me pretty well, so I needed to mix it up tonight. I did that and made it into the money (no longer a bubble guy) for the first time in a long time. Tomorrow night I will probably play a little Party Poker and try to make a little money.

I will give some thoughts on the NBA Draft (that did happen tonight right?) sometime tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Post Weekend Update

Well, not too much to report here today. Watched the US Open over the weekend and my heart sank for Phil Mickelson when he caught the "yips" on 17. No excuse for that, but I couldn't believe it. Goosen didn't deserve to lose that Championship. He was clutch.

Duval didn't shoot under 80, but it was good to see him back on the course.

Played a little Party Poker on Saturday night. It was quite profitable. I was also finally able to download Poker Tracker (not sure why my computer wasn't allowing me to download before) and I have a lot to learn on it. Not quite sure how to read everything yet, but I will study it and study my game. For the time being, I am giving up on SNGs for a while. After a couple crushing defeats (4th) in the $10 tables, I have decided to take a break. Each time, I went all-in against the next stack and was crushed on the river. Can't really blame it all the time. Sometimes I tried to bluff and ran into nothing and the other times, the cards feel and that was that.

Jay Lovinger has posted yet another column. It is worth a read.

Page 2 has several poker columns right now. Bill Simmons rants about the Celebrity Poker shows we've been forced to watch lately. Nice shot of Mena Suvari though. Jeff Merron compares Reel Life to Real Life from Rounders. Finally Andrew Glazer, the Poker Pundit, ponders if Poker Superstars are possible.

Not much else to report. I have a home game tomorrow night after Beer League Softball. We had to pick up a player because we lost our first baseman to a torn tendon in the foot. Goes to show that big folks shouldn't try to leg triples out of doubles. Now I am the permanent first baseman, giving up my five-tool role in the lineup.

I let everyone know (all 2 of you) how my home game goes tomorrow night. I'm due for a win finally. Tired of finishing on the bubble.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hoping He Shoots Under 80

My man David Duval is going to try to make a comeback. Out of action for seven months and is going to take on the U.S. Open...the toughest major in all of golf. Shinnecock Hills is a brutal course. I hope he keeps his head up and realizes he is just starting to make the long trip back.

I wish he would have been paired with Jim Furyk, who suffered from vertigo also and is making his return from wrist surgery, but Duval will be playing with Scott Hoch and Phillip Price when he tees off at 7:40 a.m. Thursday.

I loved this optimism from Duval:
"It is going to be hard. It's going to be windy. I'm looking forward to having fun," Duval said. "There is 156 players there, and I guarantee I'll be having the most fun."

I love the U.S. Open. It is great golf. I am putting my money on Phil Mickelson again. Now that the pressure is off, I think he will go out there and stick to business.

I'm setting my TiVo machine to capture all the great action.

Poker = Sport?


Jay ponders the great question...Is Poker A Sport?

This column strays from his usual gripes of actually playing poker and focuses on the phenomenon that is poker. I don't think poker is a sport, rather entertainment. At least poker on television.

People watch sports for one reason: to see who won, to see who can exhibit the most grace under the most intense pressure, and then to celebrate the winners, often by cashing a bet. (Yes, football fans, I'm talking 'bout you. Be honest now -- would you rather see a week's worth of incredible physical feats, or collect on one meaningful wager from your local bookie?) And the reality is that big-time poker provides just about the most intense pressure the fertile mind of man can create -- not to mention an endless stream of meaningful wagers.

I don't disagree with this statement at all, but I still don't think this qualifies poker as sport. Put it this way, I watched Survivor All-Stars (and all the other Survivors too...I know, I'm a dork) to see who won. There were elements of sport involved in the show through challenges, etc., but I would not consider Survivor All-Stars a sport either. It was entertainment. That is what the WPT, WSOP, and the Celebrity Poker Letdown (as Pauly calls it) simply is.

Please let me know if you disagree.

Saturday, June 12, 2004


Woo Hoo! I won with the Hammer! Hand posted below.

***** Hand History for Game 670555185 *****
Table Table 12673 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 8
Seat 3: xupugh ( $17.75 )
Seat 8: kizzie2 ( $40 )
Seat 9: jasonpugh ( $38.5 )
Seat 2: Lederer24 ( $33.25 )
Seat 6: cw_foster ( $18.5 )
Seat 1: vandyfan98 ( $12.75 )
Seat 4: dwestphal ( $13.5 )
Seat 7: mjoli99 ( $31.5 )
cw_foster posts small blind [$0.25].
mjoli99 posts big blind [$0.5].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to xupugh [ 7c 2h ]
kizzie2 calls [$0.5].
vandyfan98 calls [$0.5].
Lederer24 folds.
zbarch has joined the table.
xupugh calls [$0.5].
dwestphal calls [$0.5].
cw_foster calls [$0.25].
mjoli99 checks.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 3s, 2c, 3d ]
cw_foster checks.
mjoli99 checks.
kizzie2 checks.
vandyfan98 checks.
xupugh bets [$0.5].
dwestphal folds.
cw_foster folds.
mjoli99 folds.
kizzie2 folds.
vandyfan98 calls [$0.5].
** Dealing Turn ** [ Kh ]
vandyfan98 checks.
TimmM57 has joined the table.
xupugh bets [$1].
Congratulations to player vene59 for winning tournament Three Table
vandyfan98 folds.
xupugh does not show cards.
xupugh wins $5
Congratulations to player Obwan for winning tournament Three Table

Granted...I had two pair, but stayed with it even after the King flopped! Little bummed I didn't get called for more money.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Bob tHuggins At It Again!

This is so great that I cannot even put it into words. This explains everything at the University of Cincinnati (UC). As an XU fan I take great enjoyment in this and just hope that it doesn't get dismissed.

UC's Huggins charged with DUI


After really thinking about this yesterday, I want to say that I do not think "this is so great." We saw this headline at work and as an XU fan, we dismissed it for what it really was and made fun of the situation. This is the last thing to make fun of. Driving drunk is no matter to take lightly and I hope that whatever demons Bob has that he takes care of them. I am not a fan of Huggins, but I do not wish anything bad to happen to him. I hope he gets his life in order, returns to the UC program (although, I still don't know how I feel about that) and get everything fixed.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Southern Ohio Texas Hold'em Event

I found this on the local sports radio station website, 1360 Homer.

Texas Hold'em Events...Southern Ohio Texas Hold'em Event.

$25,000 guarantee is nice for a $70 buy-in, but there isn't any idea the number of players and with unlimited rebuys...doesn't really feel like my cup of tea. I might consider playing just to have a large tournament experience under my belt. Also, I was the United Way coordinator last year for my work and this benefits UW. Like I said, I may think about playing.

No SI Jinx!

I hope Griffey doesn't get injured now. He is this week's cover story for Sports Illustrated. If you are a subscriber, you can view the story.

Please hit 500 soon Grif! Congrats on a wonderful season so far. It is great to see you back in form!

Don't Touch Thad Matta

I really really really dislike Ohio State. The firing of Jim O'Brien was a complete shock and he was the last coach I would ever suspect of cheating. Also, how in the fuck can Ohio State have this screw up and fire the basketball coach, but still allow Jim Tressel to be at the helm with all the off-field problems his team has had is unbelievable. Maurice Clarett is simply the topping on the cake. The punter who was arrrested two or three times in the first two weeks at school is another example. I don't understand it....oh yeah I do....OSU football delivered a National Title a couple years back and is still playing well. That generates money. Basketball wasn't playing well at all lately. Goodbye O'Brien.

Disclaimer...I am not condoning what O'Brien did. I just believe that OSU has problems with football that they need to address too.

Finally, the ESPN report says that Andy Geiger, OSU Athletic Director, will pursue Xavier's Thad Matta and NC State's Herb Sendek. Now, I love Thad Matta and I certainly don't want to see him go to OSU. Although, if he does, OSU will be getting one hell of a coach and staff. I'll keep my fingers crossed because I believe XU will have a hell of run again this upcoming season.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Jay Is Bitter

Jay Love Can't Stand the Unabomber

In his latest column, Lovinger seems to be a little upset by the play of Phil Laak, the Unabomber. Now Jay is quite older than Phil and may not understand him. These columns are getting more bitter by the week.

The one bright spot of this week's column is below.

The last celeb to be eliminated -- in 11th place -- was Dave Foley, who, I cheerfully admit, I have never heard of, though hipper friends tell me he is a comedian/actor who was in "The Kids in the Hall" and "NewsRadio." Though I have no idea how gifted an artist he might actually be, his response to being the last celeb standing was, I thought, instructive: He attributed his fine showing to the fact that he didn't know what he was doing and so nobody else could figure out what he was doing, either.

Funny part is that I knew who he was talking about before I saw the photo. Dave was very funny in Kids In The Hall.

New Look

I simply got tired of the other look and wanted to change. I do that from time to time. Even though I believe only 3 or 4 people look at this thing, I was frustrated that I couldn't view any comments while I was at work (when I do receive them). The new layout allows for least until work decides to block blogger again.

I should just learn HTML and creat my own site, but blogger makes this too easy. Glad I copied the previous template so I didn't have to retype all the links and poker blogs into the new template. That saved me a lot of time!

Hope everyone enjoys.

This Is Crap!

I feel bad for this kid...missing his prom and all.

Boy Not Allowed To Bring Porn Star To Prom

College Basketball Season Is Too Far Away

With the announcement of the Nation's Top Recruiting Classes in College Basketball, I cannot help but be excited about what the future holds for my beloved University of Kentucky Wildcats.

"It's easy to tell No.1," said Ron Briscoe of Southeast Regional Sports Report. "With three McDonald's All-Americans, Kentucky is a clear runaway for the No.1 class."

I knew that UK would receive the #1 recruiting class from most every "expert" this offseason, but it is officially in writing and I must gloat. For all those Tubby-haters out there saying he cannot recruit, is this proof enough? Have the past two seasons been proof enough? I think Tubby knows what he is doing.

And by the way, if these recruits are only there for one year and then goes pro, I will be ok with that only if they pull a Carmelo and deliver the National Title.

On, on, U of K, we are right for the fight today,
Hold that ball and hit that line;
Ev'ry Wildcat star will shine;
We'll fight, fight, fight, for the blue and white
As we roll to that goal, Varsity,
And we'll kick, pass and run, 'till the battle is won,
And we'll bring home the victory.

Giving the Gift of Life

This will be a short post, but very important one. I urge everyone to become a blood donor. I have always donated blood (yesterday marked gallon #2 I believe), but it is more apparent to me now after my father needed so much blood during his open heart surgery.

Really, it is only 10 minutes out of your day every 8 weeks.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Positively Fifth Street

Just started to read McManus's book Positively Fifth Street. Great read so far....really sucks you in. I will give my review on it after I finish.

Also, for Doyle Brunson's Super System 2 is the link for that. Haven't decided if I am going to order it or not.

Finally Delivering on Earlier Post

I apologize for not getting this posted over the weekend, as much of the content dicusses events held over the weekend, I have gone through to update everything and be a little more current.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the Memorial in Dublin, OH. I am an avid golfer and love to watch the game. I am truly amazed by the players abilities and I could only dream of ever being to put together a complete game as they have. My favorite golfers have always been Fuzzy Zoeller and Fred “Boom Boom” Couples. This is mainly because these are also my Dad’s two favorite golfers. About ten years ago, we had the privilege of playing with Fuzzy at his golf course, Covered Bridge in Floyd Knobs, Indiana.

Unfortunately, Julie and I were unable to go to the Memorial because we had to finish her grandmother’s estate and put some closure on that. I really would have enjoyed going to watch the Memorial, because my man Boom Boom was in contention until the end. Congrats to the man I believe is the best golfer in the world right now, Ernie Els for winning The Memorial. The only golfer out there to give Ernie a run for his money consistently is Vijay Singh. Right now, those two are the #1 & #2 golfers. I don’t care what anyone says, Tiger Woods is in a slump and not playing the golf he is capable of playing. I remember reading an article some time back about Tiger and the possible reason for his slump. I wish I still had the link to it, but the article stated Tiger was already bored with the PGA. I believe that could be a problem. He was incredibly dominant the past six years and only now are Els and Singh beginning to challenge his #1 ranking. This is will an incredible season of golf to come.

Speaking of #1ranked golfers, it is truly sad to see what has happened to David Duval. He was so exciting when he won the British Open and the rivalry between Duval and Woods was great. Then vertigo struck Duval and he has never been the same. I hope that one day, David will be able to return to the PGA and reclaim his dominance in the sport. With his constant rounds in the 80s and his withdrawals from every tournament you think he may enter, you have to begin to think there must be something else.

The Belmont Stakes
I didn’t really think Smarty Jones would win the Triple Crown. I was hoping that he would, but the Belmont is an extremely difficult race on these horses, as many of them will never run that distance in their careers again. I don’t really think this was a very strong year for horses and part of me did not want to see Smarty win the Triple Crown because of that. At the same time, I am not going to discredit anything that horse accomplished. He has had a great career, will go on to race in the future and enjoy a life of studding and making money. I do think that Birdstone was overlooked also. I like Birdstone in the Kentucky Derby, but the horseshoe incident really screwed him up. If Birdstone had won the Lane’s End Stakes at Turfway Park, he would have been a favorite for the Derby. Birdstone simply did not run well in bad track conditions.

Either way, I am happy to see the ratings that the Belmont received over the weekend. It is great for the Horseracing Industry and hopefully the rest of this year and next year, the NTRA will be able to maintain the excitement.

**I saw this last Friday on Steve Czaban’s website.
Smarty Choke
Mark my words: Smarty Jones will not win the Triple Crown. For all of you who think he's a "sure thing" -like say the oddsmakers who have him severely "upside down" at the pay window - I want to remind you of a simple fact. The horse is from Philly. It is a city of choking, get you close and then kick you in the balls sports city. This race will look alot like the Eagles vs. Bucs in 2002. Remember that? They had punked the Bucs twice already in previous years. The Bucs had never won a playoff game in the cold. Hell, the Eagles even went up in that game 7-0 on a near opening kick return by Brian Mitchell. You had to wonder: "how can they lose this one?" Good question. Like Smarty Jones: how can he lose this one? Watch. He's from Philly. He'll find a way.

What is this crap that Raul Mondesi has pulled? I know I am now a week late with responding to this, but I still want to give my two cents. This is terrible for baseball and one of the many reasons why I can no longer get excited about the game. For him to be able to simply quit and then all the sudden return (from a losing team to the defending World Series Champions) is unallowable. Baseball should have blacklisted the asshole after he decided to be in breach of contract in the middle of the season. Bud Selig is a buffoon and needs to be removed from the game before he effectively kills everything about baseball.

Now, on the other hand, it is things like Ken Griffey Jr’s season that makes me excited about baseball. I am happy to see that The Kid has played the entire season without injury (knock on wood). His chase for 500 is gripping my town and we are only disappointed that he should will reach his milestone on the road. Grif – I hope you have several more years left in those legs and regain the form of the great player we all know you truly are!

The Olympic Basketball situation is another disgrace in our sports world right now. I take great offense to these assholes pros not wanting to play for their country in the Olympics. There really isn’t any way that these guys will simply be grouped together and expected to win gold…no matter how good they think they are. Without practice and our best players playing, I don’t expect this team to do any better than bronze. Woo hoo…never been this excited about bronze. I think now is the time to put the game back in the hands of amateurs who want to play for their country and represent what USA basketball is all about. There are plenty of great college ballplayers who could represent our country better than these guys.

More basketball is the NBA Finals. I am predicting the Pistons in 7. I know I am now posting this with Game 1 in the books, but I think the Pistons have what it takes to take down the Lakers. They are a physical team and frankly, they cause teams to play shitty, just like they do. The NBA is terrible anymore. I cannot get excited for 70-point games and 35% shooting percentages. Anyways, I am still glued to my 55” watching this crap.

Finally, the long awaited payday for Bernard Hopkins is coming. He won his bout and Oscar De la Hoya won his setting up the September bout in which Hopkins will make somewhere between $8-$10 million. I’m sure De la Hoya will earn more because of his name. I will be able to have more on this later this week after I watch the fights, but it read like De la Hoya was lucky to win and the controversy was on his side this time. Prediction: Hopkins knocks out De la Hoya in four.

Sad day yesterday as we lost a great president and a great man Ronald Regan. I was awful young when he was president, but have read quite a bit about the man and truly respect the way he ran the country. The Fat Guy has a very nice and brief write up on what RR meant to him here.

Finally, the joke of the day. J Lo marries Marc Anthony. There should be some Las Vegas line on this. I think the over/under on this marriage would be roughly six months.

I think this may be my longest post ever. Thanks for reading and I will have some poker updates later this week. I haven’t played in days and can’t wait to sit down at the tables either tonight or tomorrow night. Take care.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Post Either Tonight or Tomorrow

Have to go back up the in-laws this weekend to finish up with Julie's grandmother's estate. Will eithr post late tonight while at their place or tomorrow when I return. I have a lot to post about -- mainly in the world of sports. Not too much on my poker content right now.

Loving watching Showdown at the Sands right now on Fox Sports. Nothing better to do in the last 15 minutes hour of work. I shut down at 4:00 on Fridays.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Jackpot Jay's WSOP Post Report

Posted by Hello

Jackpot Jay Lovinger has another column on ESPN Page 2. Great column.

From Dave "The Devilfish" Ulliott, who should really be The New Face of Poker since he's got the entire package (genius ability, a great nickname and the perfect look -- kind of an emaciated Eric Clapton thing, with just of a touch of John Lennon, circa the late '70s): "Don't raise in early position, unless you can stand a re-raise. Because if you raise, and then go out when you are re-raised, people will remember that -- or, at least, it'll be in the back of their minds -- and they'll take advantage of you by picking on you constantly."

I will remember that on the tables at Party Poker.

Finally Back to the Winner's Circle

I must have been on some losing streak with SNGs. I've been playing HE and not NL HE and have lost them all.

Finally got over the hump and outlasted, doubled-up and caught a break. The final two hands are posted below.

600/1200 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 3997637) - Wed Jun 02 18:28:33 EDT 2004
Table Table 12172 (Real Money) -- Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 2
Seat 4: xupugh (3380)
Seat 9: just2eazzy (4620)
xupugh posts small blind (300)
just2eazzy posts big blind (600)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to xupugh [ Kh, Ts ]
just2eazzy: ty
xupugh raises (900) to 1200
just2eazzy calls (600)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 8s, Jc, 4c ]
just2eazzy bets (800)
just2eazzy: ill show
xupugh calls (800)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 6d ]
just2eazzy bets (1000)
xupugh raises (1380) to 1380
xupugh is all-In.
just2eazzy calls (380)
** Dealing River ** : [ 5s ]
Creating Main Pot with $6760 with xupugh
** Summary **
Main Pot: 6760 |
Board: [ 8s Jc 4c 6d 5s ]
xupugh balance 6760, bet 3380, collected 6760, net +3380 [ Kh Ts ] [ high card king -- Kh,Jc,Ts,8s,6d ]
just2eazzy balance 1240, lost 3380 [ Tc 9d ] [ high card jack -- Jc,Tc,9d,8s,6d ]

***** Hand History for Game 645108430 *****
600/1200 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 3997637) - Wed Jun 02 18:29:39 EDT 2004
Table Table 12172 (Real Money) -- Seat 9 is the button
Total number of players : 2
Seat 4: xupugh (6760)
Seat 9: just2eazzy (1240)
just2eazzy posts small blind (300)
xupugh posts big blind (600)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to xupugh [ Ks, 8h ]
just2eazzy raises (940) to 1240
just2eazzy is all-In.
xupugh calls (640)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6c, Ts, 2c ]
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Kc ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 7h ]
Creating Main Pot with $2480 with just2eazzy
** Summary **
Main Pot: 2480 |
Board: [ 6c Ts 2c Kc 7h ]
xupugh balance 8000, bet 1240, collected 2480, net +1240 [ Ks 8h ] [ a pair of kings -- Ks,Kc,Ts,8h,7h ]
just2eazzy balance 0, lost 1240 [ Qc Jd ] [ high card king -- Kc,Qc,Jd,Ts,7h ]

I didn't put the guy on a T9 hand at all, so I caught my break there. Tonight I will go thru the complete hand history and figure out what I did.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Beautiful Funeral

This past Friday/Saturday, my in-laws laid rest to Grandma. She was an absolute angel of a person and she will truly be missed. My wife is rather devastated right now, as this was a shock to us all, and I'm not doing a whole lot better myself.

It was wonderful to see how many friends Grandma had. The visitation lasted over four hours and hundreds of people paid their respects. Truly amazing. The funeral was beautiful. St. Patrick's Church in Julie's hometown is a wonderful place. It was the way Grandma wanted things and I am happy that I was a part of it all.

I am hoping to have a much better June. April & May were rather brutal when it came to family situations. I've heard of the old saying, "Bad Things Come in Threes" and this was my third. Keep the fingers crossed for the rest of the year. For any of you who have read this, thanks for any thoughts and prayers you may have said for my families.