Thursday, January 29, 2004

XU --- Where Did You Go??

What has happened to my beloved Xavier Musketeers? Getting beat by 21 last night at George Washington. That was one horrible display of basketball by XU! Thad Matta should be embarrassed and that whole team should be embarrassed. The fact the Dedrick Finn was quoted in the paper today saying "they gave up" last night?!?!?! --- how is that ever possible?

This team has a cancer on it right now and the funk needs to be removed. I personally think the seniors have to go. They offer no leadership to this team right now. Lionel Chalmers and Romain Sato have been completely unproductive this year. Romain is extremely overrated without David West.

I propose playing the freshmen and grooming them for next year. Get them all the experience in the world right now and rebuild this team for next year.

This is pathetic - I just don't know what to expect from this team. This Saturday against Dayton...I will take Dayton and the points up to 12. I don't know what the spread is currently, but believe me I will be betting against the Musketeers on this one.

As far as Tuesday goes, my tickets are for sale at Ebay! This could quite possibly be the most lopsided Crosstown Shootout in history. I feel so bad for ESPN asking the schools to participate in Rivalry Week. This is the featured game and it will be at least a 20-point blowout. If I am wrong, I will eat my words.

One last prep game....

Last night, some friends and I wanted to play one more prep game before Saturday. Have to make sure the cards are falling my way!

My only real problem about last night, besides losing, was since it was a small group, we allowed people to buy back in. I am fundamentally opposed to allow people to buy back in. Now, the person who eventually took me out, wouldn't have been in the game because I took him earlier. Funny little irony, huh?

At this point in the game, I was the small stack at the table and needed to make a move if I was going to do anything. I was to the right of the button and everyone limped in and called the blinds. I decided to move all in with my whopping $10. As you may guess, this wasn't a large amount of money we were playing with. Well, everyone but the big blind folds and he calls me. I had wired 8's --- not a great hand, but like I said, I needed to make a move. He calls me with KQo. The flop comes 4-7-10o.....fourth street comes 5s.....river card----yep, he caught a Q on the river. So right there I lost at $27 pot and went out of the game. The only solace for me was eventually watching the guy who took me out eventually get run too.

Overall, I was happy with my play, but I should have played a little looser last night. Some of the hands that were being played were ridiculous. Oh well, that is why Saturday should be a good time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Preparation is Tough

I really didn't think that I would have had this much interest in playing this tournament. Like I said before, this was really only supposed to be 16 people who for the most part, I knew I could beat in the long run. Now I have 32 people, give or a take a few because some people have dropped out on me, and trying to make sure everyone understands the rules and that I have enough chips, tables, and chairs.....I can't wait for this thing to be over.

Also, an old friend of mine from high school who just moved to the area, I decided to invite him. Turns out this guy is going to be the shark of the day. He financed his grad school by hosting tournaments and playing games. Great! Oh well, I'm the only one who knows that he can play, so that will make for some interesting table talk.

If anyone has suggestions on how to do to the payouts, I'd appreciate it. There is 32 people with a $50 buy-in. I have been debating on paying top 5 with 5th getting the entry fee back and then 1st getting 60% ($930), 2nd at 20% ($310), 3rd at 15% ($232.50) & 4th at 5% ($77.50). I can't convince myself if that is fair or not because part of me only wants to pay the final three at 60-30-10.

Damn these decisions!! Oh well, hopefully it won't end up mattering to me either way because with my luck if I pay Top 5, I'll finish 6th and if I pay Top 3, I'll finish 4th.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Weekend Update

I'm not Tina Fey or Jimmy Falon, but this is my update.
Yesterday was an awesome day. A friend of mine who is getting married in four weeks had an incredible bachelor party. Our day started off playing paintball for five hours. I have never played paintball before, but I must say that was a lot of fun. Damn good time. I got better as the game went on and did better in some challenges. From their we went to the casino boats and gentleman's club.

Argosy Casino is not one of my favorites around here, but that may change soon. We were only spending about two hours at the casino, so there wasn't enough time to sit down at any poker tables and see what I was made of. I decided I would take full advantage of the best odds in the house: craps.

I'm not a huge roller, so the $15 minimum table was plenty for me. Got started right off the bat with the shooter rolling back to back sevens. I thought I might have a good night. Went on a eight point run and doubled my money in less than 20 minutes. It was my turn to roll the dice and usually I do a pretty good job. Rolled a seven right away, then rolled two points and crapped out. Not my best run. Dice went around for a little while and I had about four times what I started with. Table went cold and I ended giving a third of it back. Finally left that table and checked on my friends. Now, I hate roulette, but this one friend I have loves to play it. He was hot last night. Up $450 off roulette! How is that possible.

I eventually went back to the craps tables and went on another small run until this old guy who was throwing chips around showed up at the table. Long story short -- I had $91 out on the table in bets. I had $15 on the pass, $20 behind the pass, $18 on the 6, $18 on the 8, & $5 each hard way. The shooter had been rolling sixes and eights and making me a ton of money. He rolled them the hard way and I couldn't have been happier. Then this guy throws $50 in chips at the table guys right when the dice were coming down in play. His chips hit the dice and the shooter rolled craps. $91 gone just like that because this a-hole couldn't get his bet down in time and caused the dice to make an uncertain move. Of course that a-hole gets his money back because the bet wasn't down in time, nor did they know what bet he was trying to make. Needless to say I was about to go postal on this guy for being an idiot. Thanks to my friends, we avoided any scene that was about to be made. Luckily I wasn't the only one at the table that exchanged unplesantries with this guy. Oh well, you win some and lose some, but we were just getting started. Game over and I ended my night up $300. Can't complain at that. I paid for all the days events and my buy-in for my poker tournament this weekend.

Today was killer too. I haven't seen this bad of weather for a long time. Unfortunately, I decided to go to the Xavier University and Richmond University basketball game. This weather was terrible. It normally takes me about 15 minutes to get from my house to Xavier, but today it took and hour and a half to get home from the game. My house was covered and all the roads are covered. We will have to see about tomorrow and if I will be going into work. I'm not going out on any more roads unless I absolutely have to. I think I will be going out and looking at some trucks or SUVs now too.

Finally, I have been reading a lot of different Poker Blogs out there and I will slowly begin to increase my list of blogs and links. Look forward to an extended post when I'm done with my tournament this weekend.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Another Queen City Poker Series

After reading Iggy's Queen City Poker game, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm putting myself through the same thing in only a few days.

January 31st I will be having a huge poker tournament at my house. I had only planned for there to be about 16 guys, but now I am looking at 32 guys. Not quite sure will everyone will fit around the house, but I think my basement is big enough to for three tables and the fourth will be upstairs in the living room. Good thing that the living room isn't all that nice!

This is a $50 buy-in. Everyone will receive $100 in chips. This is a no limit game, so at any time anyone can go all-in. The beginning blinds start out at $2-4 and double every 30 minutes. This is where the pain in the ass will be because I am supposed to pay close enough attention to everything, including winning. Luckily I will have two other guys helping me out and I am designating one person per table to be in charge too.

It will be interesting how this works out. We are starting at 1:00 pm and going until there is one winner. I probably wasn't as smart as Iggy because my tourney won't be a non-alcoholic event.

If I do pretty well setting this up and playing pretty well, who knows. Iggy, if you're reading this, maybe we can put a tournament on together sometime. I think you will want me to become a little better player first.

Tomorrow night is just a friendly game of poker amongst some of my co-workers. It won't be a hold'em only night. I might have another warm up session before the actual tourney too. I just want to make sure I walk out with $960 in first place. Actually, I just hope my house doesn't get destroyed.

Lack of Posting

I must apologize for my lack of posting, although to this point, I don't think anyone has actually read this website. My job has kept me quite busy the past several days and when I all do is sit at a computer at work, the last thing I want to do is come home and look at it some more. Right now I am taking a small break to get some of this in. Maybe I will try to post more often, but make them smaller posts. Not sure. I'll figure it out and get in a groove sometime.

I will tell you all about my poker game that is coming up at the end of the month. Much larger than I anticipated it to be.

Monday, January 19, 2004

A Sh!tty Few Days

I apologize for the absence over the weekend. I had quite a bit going on and didn't really feel like looking at the computer much.

Thursday night I had a poker game with several friends. We get together the third Thursday of every month to play a simple $20 game. Now mind you that we are not the greatest players in the world, but we entertain ourselves for about four or five hours. This is where my bad weekend of events begin. I usually win with this group of guys. I know all their mannerisms and know that they all play a very loose game. I only go for the pots when I know I can get them and every once in a while when I know I can't, but I will outplay them.

This wasn't a very good Thursday. One of my very good friends, who hasn't played in six months, joined the group this time. He was the only player whose mannerisms I didn't know, and it came back to bite me in the ass. To make a long story short, here is the hand that took me out. Preflop, he and I are the only ones to stay in. I have the AJc and the flop comes 859c. I'm excited beyond belief to flop the flush! I checked with the intention of raising behind him. Fourth street delivered the Jd. We bet and the river card comes 8h. I decide to move all in. I was only thinking that he had two pair or the flush, but I had him with the Ace high flush. Man was I wrong when he caught the Full Boat on the river. He was holding J8. I realized that I should have bet stronger on fourth street, but sometimes that is how the cards fall. This was the earliest I have ever gone out playing these guys, the second guy out. So, I decided to become the dealer and enjoy the rest of the game as much as I could.

Friday was a hellacious day at work. I came home and drank eight beers and enjoyed the evening with the wife. Late at night I decided to play a little Party Poker, but only the play money kind. I wasn't in the right frame of mind to play for real money.

Saturday was terrible. My beloved Xavier Musketeers and Kentucky Wildcats both got their asses kicked. For those who do know me, I have a sever dislike for Lionel Chalmers. I simply wish he had a better IQ for the game. Luckily I forgot to TiVo the UK game so I didn't have to sit through the misery of that.

Sunday wasn't any better. I was hoping to watch a Colts - Eagles Superbowl, but I have been denied. Peyton was not typical Peyton and Donovan was typical Donovan. Overall, every team I was pulling for this weekend let me down. I'm debating who I will take in the SuperBowl this year. I cannot really predict what will happen. Both teams have incredible defenses. I think I will go with the Patriots because they have been there before, but recent history tells me not to count out John Fox and his Panthers.

That brings me to today. I enjoy the job I have because I get today off. It has been nice to continue to read Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth. I hope these teaching manuals will reflect positively to my big poker tournament I'm having on the 31st. I was planning on having 24 people over, but now we are talking about 32 or 40. I'm just happy my house is big enough to accommodate all these people. I describe the tournament a little later tonight in another post.

I plan on staying a little more current in my posting now that I don't have so much else going on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Holy Sh!t...

How did Kentucky find a way to win that game?!?! I said it would be a great game. What a hell of a play! I do think there should have been a little time on the clock, but it still would have been a full court play.

Great job Cats!

Say It Ain't So!

According to ESPN, the Buffalo Bills have hired Mike Mularkey.

Now my Steelers will have to find another Offensive Coordinator!

Another Steelers note...rumors have it that Bill Cowher will hire Dick LeBeau to be the Defensive Coordinator. long as LeBeau isn't a head coach, no problem...also LeBeau was a former D. Coordinator for the Steelers and they had one of the best defenses during his tenure.

Bad Training Day

My official training program for this marathon began yesterday. This program assumes that you have been running 12-15 miles per week going into it. I found this program early enough and decided early enough that I wanted to do this, so I'm in pretty good shape for right now...until tonight.

Pretty simple 4 mile run was all it was supposed to be, until the front muscle in my left leg tightened up like nobody's business. I made it 2 miles then had to walk for a while. I finished the four miles in a lot of pain in my leg. So, if any runners out there have any advice on how to prevent this, I'd appreciate it.

This is All I Need Now

As if it were not obvious that I watch enough television as it is, now it looks like I can expect to TiVo plenty of shows on the new Gambling Channel.

I predict this will increase the number of people out there already playing poker and other gambling games online. I do not predict a rush of people to take on Las Vegas. Have I mentioned that I love Las Vegas yet? Truly one of the best places on Earth!

A Little More About Me

To give a little more insight about what you will be reading on this website, I guess I should tell a little more about me. First off, unlike many bloggers, I am not a writer. I know that my grammar isn't the best, but then it gives me something to shoot for.

I am a huge sports fan. I watch everything from NFL to PGA to Nascar. If I had to rank my preferences in sports, I would say:
1. NFL (Steelers, Eagles, Bengals, Browns, Colts - Steelers Fan, but follow others religiously)
2. College Basketball (University of Kentucky and Xavier University fan)
3. College Football (University of Kentucky fan; Notre Dame hater)
4. PGA Golf (Phil Mickelson and Kenny Perry)
5. NBA Basketball (Boston Celtics)
6. Nascar (Rusty Wallace & the Miller Lite Car)
7. Horse Racing (higher if I'm actually there)
8. Baseball (Reds & Braves)
9. Tennis (usually just major tournaments)

I am an average poker player. I play all variations of poker, but like most of America that is enthralled by Texas Hold'em, that has become my game of choice. I have a group of about 10 friends who regularly get together and play. I have been playing online, but only with play money. I don't really enjoy the online games as much because you can't really get a read on the other players. I guess that is the advantage of playing online. I like the challenge of picking up people's tendencies and techniques. I will regularly update this site when I play any poker games to let people know how my runs go.

I am currently training, along with my wife, Julie, for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. I have never been a big runner in the past, but wanted to take on the grueling challenge of running a marathon. My training has officially began and now I am a short four and half months away. I will update on my training progress and eventually make a prediction of what time I will finish the race.

Television shows and video games are also a big release for me. My job is somewhat stressful and many may find it boring, but I won't bother with that for now. I have about five or six TV shows that I regularly watch right now: Las Vegas, CSI:, CSI: Miami, The West Wing, and The Shield. I missed The Shield during the first two seasons, but have been hooked since FX began airing the re-runs leading into the March premiere of Season 3! Great show! Las Vegas is a great new show. How can you not enjoy the cast? Possibly the best looking women on TV all in one show! Storylines are usually pretty good too, not too hokey. The West Wing I believed has "Jumped the Shark" since Aaron Sorkin left the show. This season has been a disappointment. CSI: and CSI: Miami are both incredible shows, but I do give the edge to the original CSI:. Other shows that I typically watch but aren't really on right now are Nip/Tuck, The Sopranos, and Survivor. Yes, I still like Survivor and eagerly await the All-Star version.

Well, I think this is another good start for now. I will eventually get around to posting some photos. I will also begin to offer opinions on some of the things happening in the sports world, such as Roger Clemens and one more year, Dan Marino is a Dolphin again, general NFL Playoffs and College Basketball coverage.

Monday, January 12, 2004

About Me

I have spent some time reading Blogs of all sorts and finally thought I would create one of my own. Some of my favorite topics include gambling, sports of all sorts, local politics, television shows, and some video games.

A little about me in the first blog...24 years old, married to a wonderful woman who puts up with all my crap, and live in Cincinnati, OH. Originally from Louisville, KY but went to college and graduated from Xavier University. My wife is also a graduate of Xavier and we have the cutest dog in the whole world, Kirby. I really don't live that exciting of a life, but I will be sure to inform everyone about my endeavors and my opinions of things around my town.