Thursday, May 27, 2004

Have a Good Memorial Day

I will be out of commission for a few days and not able to play any poker or wager any bets. I hope everyone on Party Poker is ok with not taking my money, as they have become accustomed to this past week or so.

I was supposed to be on a road trip to Wisconsin for a wedding, but instead have to attend my wife's grandmother's funeral. It all happened as quite a shock, but we are not going to dwell on her passing, rather celebrate the enjoyable memories she has left us.

If any of you are doing any traveling, be safe and come back to our little community.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I Know What He Means

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Jackpot Jay explains how the cards sometimes don't fall your way and how the short-term success will eventually bow down to the long term.

Best part:
I asked McManus what he would have done with my hand. He quickly asked me one question: "How many seats were they giving out?" And when I said, "43 or so," he said, in a nanosecond, "Call." Now, you can say this is a confirmation of my growth as a player, since I made the "right" decision, even though it ended badly. I prefer to see it as a confirmation of how far down the bottom of the hill I still live, since I spent a few minutes trying to figure it out -- not to mention a night worrying about -- and McManus, (who is only an author, for Chrissake!) came up with the same answer in less time than it took Lyle Lovett to say "yes" to Julia Roberts.

I had the same thing happen to me on Sunday. I sat down at .50/1 table and mucked cards for about an hour. Played two hands, winning both, but were small pots.

Finally, I was the BB with AJo. The SB raised into me (after four others had called). I thought about it for as long as I could and decided to call. I had watched the table for a while and realized these guys were raising with Ax. Flop comes out, AA6. I'm feeling rather good about my three aces. The bets are checked around and the SB leads out. I call and for some unknown reason --- the other four people called too. I cannot imagine what was going through their heads when both the SB and BB raised preflop and again after the flop. Fourth Street brought nothing -- I think a 2 -- and finally the River showed a 9. The bets were all going around the same. Flipping over the cards showed that the SB made is full house on the River with the 9. Won almost $30 pot. I was crushed. I read him perfectly and he caught his card at the end. After that, I decided to call it a night and cut my losses before I went on tilt and lost even more money.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Smarty Jones Editorialized

This is an appropriate cartoon these days. I'm sure someone will figure out a way to get the horse endorsements.

Found this photo courtesy of Tomfoolery of the Highest Order.


Out of 10 players last night on a $5+1 SNG, I finished 10th. This was not NL. I haven't requested my hand history yet (will do that when I get home today) to look at how I managed to do that. Early on, dealt AKs UTG -- just call and have several followers. Flop comes QsTs4h. I checked and waited for it to get back around to me. Couple people in MP bet 15 and I re-raised the group to 30. Everyone called. Fourth street brought Ad. I checked again and followed the same strategy as above. All I could think was "Please let the Js fall on the river! Hell, any spade will do!" The river was 8s. I bet and everyone called. I took down a 275 pot and assumed chip leader at that point.

I played tight and mucked away lots of cards. I couldn't believe what was winning some of these hands and how people were staying in with the cards they were dealt. I saw 84s from EP take a pot and crap like that. It was about then that I knew there would be no way I would win this SNG. I posted blinds, only played when I had cards, but was falling into 6th or 7th in chip position because of what these people played.

Eventually busted out when the blinds/betting put me all-in with AK suited (can't remember which suit) and I was called with J4o! I was the BB in this situation too. Flop was K54. Fourth street was 8. River card --- yep...J. Two pair, J's & 4's. I'm not sure I have ever called anyone with J4 unless I'm in the BB and it is checked to me. Oh well, I finished 10th. Not a good showing. After that, I couldn't bring myself to play any longer, so I drank another beverage and went to bed.

Jackpot Jay At It Again

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The third column of Jay Lovinger's poker escapades is up on ESPN Page 2. This sounded like a miserable time at a table with the cast of characters he had.

"Two of us were Asian (one from the Philippines, one Chinese) and two Middle Eastern (Hamid and the 30-year-old guy, who bore an eerie resemblance to George Clooney, if Clooney were a Palestinian)."

Can we really be sure Clooney isn't Palestinian?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Only 2 Episodes Left

Did anyone understand Sunday's episode of The Soprano's? That dream sequence went on for far too long and only really proved two things that we already knew:
1. Tony S. is not a nice guy
2. Tony S. will have to whack Tony B.

Tony S. is screwed up and I truly believe in the "real" world of the mafia, he would never be cut out to be the boss. He would have been whacked a long time ago in favor of a new boss.

Anyways, I like to read a weekly column/e-mail exchange between two mafia experts on Slate. Jerry Capeci is author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Mafia and Jerry Capeci's Gang Land: Fifteen Years of Covering the Mafia. He is joined by Gerald Shargel, an attorney who has represented many high-profile clients, including John Gotti.


On another television note, immediately after The Sopranos is Deadwood. This show has been incredibly gripping. I didn't start watching it until a couple weeks ago (now there are only three episodes left) when my had his quadruple bypass. After doing chores around the house, I was able to watch all of the episodes On Demand. That is cool technology. I think I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights watching all the episodes.

Anyways, last Sunday's was full of twists and turns. Calamity Jane has been the best character on the show for me. I didn't want to see her leave the camp, and I have a feeling she will return before it is all said and done. She has the most vulgar mouth you have ever heard (which is great). I think there will be plenty happening in the final three episodes and I'm eager for the next season to begin already.

Could This Really Be True???

Can anyone be this stupid?

Childless couple told to try sex

Monday, May 17, 2004

Good Ole Sit 'n Go's

Played a couple sit n go's last night. Finished 5th in the first one when my AA was sucked out with the board pairing 7's to the guy who went all in with K7. Oh well, that is how the cards fall sometimes. I know I played it properly and must accept the outcome.

The second SNG was much better as I came in 2nd. I know it isn't winning, but after my past several home game experiences, I needed to finish high in a game. I will probably play a couple more tonight and see how I finish. I think I will actually play regular Hold 'em...not NL HE tonight.


I was a little bummed that I couldn't go in and watch the WPBT last night on Pacific Poker. I assume because I didn't want to put any real money in there, so I wasn't allowed to watch any real games. Oh well. Congrats to Mene Gene and Otis.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I Finally Caved...

On Friday I finally decided to join Party Poker. I sat down at a .5/1 table for about 30 minutes and made an easy $10. I must thank Iggy for reassuring me that Party is where the fun is at. I'm looking forward to a long and beautiful payday with Party. Maybe I will see some of the fellow bloggers on the tables soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Makes Me Hate Poker

Nights like tonight make me despise playing poker. Eleven of us for the night...I finished sixth and it is only because I mucked and mucked and mucked until I couldn't muck any longer. I'm not blaming tonight on the cards...I try to never blame the cards because I know it isn't the cards. I can play anything I want, but for some reason tonight I was too timid. Tonight, my seat assignment sucked. I was playing in front of the one guy I hate to be seated to the right of. I hate betting into him because no matter what he has he will try to buy the pot and go over me. So not having the best starting hands to begin with, makes it that much harder to go back over the top. At some point I am going to have to become a more aggressive player. I am playing too tight with this group of guys and I need to try something new.

I need to go back and reread some of my books and take better notes about my play. I know I promised to give an analysis of tonight's game, but honestly, there isn't any reason too. I didn't play that many pots and if I won a pot, I didn't get any action.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Poker on

I found this article on my favorite website, --
When the bank bluffs.

I think this is the second part of a long running series, but I will have to check it out later. Funny part...

It is interesting to note that the Horseshoe is able check the balance in my checking account, while the bank that actually "owns" the account cannot. When I mentioned this to my wife, she snorted and said, "Don't be naïve. It's in the interests of the Horseshoe to get as much cash into your hands as they can. The bank doesn't care if you get access to your own money, because it does them no good." Well, duh.


Sweet...only two days left this week and one is a poker night! I'm taking a pen and paper to this game to jot down some notes, etc. I will do my best to give a full report on my play tomorrow night.

This only the second of his new column. His first week can be found here.

Sad, Sad Day

This article from the New York Times goes to show how effed up a paper it truly is. I can't stand the liberal media as it is, but this paper is ridiculous. Video Appears to Show Beheading of American Civilian

Video appears to show beheading??? If you haven't seen it, follow this link to Iggy (who posted a non-poker blog -- showing how important this truly is) and you can view it too. I don't really know why anyone wants to watch it, but I did and was disgusted.

Now, I don't agree with the abuse our soldiers have dished out to Iraqi prisoners, but at the same time, I am not stupid naïve enough to believe this is the first time this has happened. I can't for the life of me figure out who thought it would be a good idea to take photos? In some way, by our soldiers torturing those prisoners, puts us on the same level as extremists. Difference being, we are seeing photos of people put in positions (although we haven't seen all the photos) and then these fucks go and do this?! Sometimes I wish we weren't trying to protect the world and be PC about everything. Just drop a damn bomb on them and let those that survive somehow rebuild the damn thing.

I apologize for the brashness of this post. You can blame it on the New York Times -- the new birdcage liner.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I've Been In Hiding

I know that absolutely no one visits this site any longer, not that anyone ever saw it to begin with, but I have been doing a lot of reading, running, and work around the house lately. I haven't even thought about this blog for quite some time.

The Flying Pig Marathon is officially over. I decided that it was more important to run with my wife and make sure she did well and didn't reinjure her foot than to set some personal record. I hope the following link works for our time, but if not, we finished the marathon in 4:41:43. I know there has to be some way to post photos on this thing, but I do not know how. So, here is a link to me reaching out to Julie and encouraging her that the race was almost over. I know I look like a goon, but hey, I was finally finishing running for almost 5 hours. I am extremely proud of Julie and myself of this accomplishment, but accept no sympathy for the pain we were in since it was all self-inflicted. I do not know if I will run another marathon because of the injury I received to my knee a couple weeks before the race. I probably should not have tried to run the race since the pain began before mile 1 was complete and was consistent throughout the race, but hey, I wasn't going to pour four months down the drain.

I have stayed up to date with the Poker blogs out there while I have been on this hiatus. Some great stuff out there. Iggy is the man with his "uber blogs" and "guinness filled rants." I would love to have the conviction Iggy has shown with his posting and dedication to keeping the poker bloggers of the world up to speed. I would love to play in this Sunday's Poker Blogger Tournament on Pacific Poker -- especially for only a $20 buy-in -- but not sure if I will be awake at 9:00 pm after what is planned for my weekend.

My sister-in-law is graduating from college Saturday and moving the same day. My wife's best friend is also moving that same day. My good friend is graduating Law School on Saturday with a huge party that night. Finally, a good friend of mine who has had a helping hand in the jobs that have meant the most to me, is moving away to take another job. Needless to say, his going away party is that night. So, Saturday will be a long day and I will probably be in bed by 8:00 on Sunday night.

Finally, one of the last reasons why I haven't been doing anything lately with this blog is that I have been helping out my family after the most frightening event in our lives. My father recently had a heart attack, luckily a minor one, but needed quadruple bypass surgery. This was unexpected and our family took it quite hard. The surgery lasted between 5 & 6.5 hours, but everything went smoothly. He was out of the hospital in one week and began resting at home. I am proud that my mother never left his side and they will go on to celebrate their 39th year of marriage later in 2004. I have been going home on weekends to try to help out around the house where I could and do the projects that they had originally started.

I will post regularly as I will soon be getting a new computer for my house. I am looking at getting a laptop that will do the basic stuff that I use it for and install wireless Internet in the house to take it anywhere I want in the house.

Take care and it is nice to be back.