Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Links of the Day

I really enjoy the links at the end of Iggy's I have a couple here.

Great Cartoon Spoof on Starbucks

If you are in need of poker chips...great place to buy some (as far as I know).

Great Political Advertising

Via The Fat Guy (and via everyone else who has linked to it) this has to be the best ad I have seen!

Empire Poker

It is funny that I don't have an account online yet, but I have received an offer from Empire Poker to use a sign-up code, much like Iggy has on his site. I will not divulge what my sign-up code is because I don't even have an account. I will have an account one day and will eventually reap the benefits of playing online. I have to improve my instincts and reads before that happens. I am goofily playing the play money online simply trying to put people on the cards. Obviously it is rather difficult when every player stays around pre-flop.

The Shield - Season 3

Last night's episode of The Shield was a very defining episode. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It wasn't really about the search for the triple murder shooter as much as the build up between Shane and Tavon. That was intense. I certainly would not have predicted Tavon and Shane getting into a brawl and then Shane's woman slamming Tavon with an iron! Wow. I hope that Tavon is not dead, as we were lead to believe, because he added another element to the show. Looking forward to next week's episode, even though they don't seem to address the Shane-Tavon altercation, but the money train heist. Intense episode for next week. This is why it is quickly becoming my favorite show. Right now it is neck and neck with The Sopranos.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Only Xavier Fans Will Care

I know that I have been absent from the blog for quite some time now. Like I have said on posts before, my job has kept me quite busy and the very last thing that I want to do at home is play on the computer. Plus, with it being March Madness, I haven’t done much else than watch basketball games. The only thing I have used my computer for the past three weeks is bet on basketball games and be thankful that my Xavier Musketeers have made me a lot of money the past couple weeks. I have wagered on them in every game to cover the spread and the money line to win straight up. I should have cashed in on the money line last night, but the amazing run for the Musketeers had to come to an end. I won’t sit and a bitch and moan about how much I hate Duke and how they get the calls all the time. It will simply sound like a biased opinion at this point. I will say that XU had several ways to win that game last night…Anthony Myles doesn’t foul out of the game, XU wins…period. He proved to be the most dominant player on the court for the time he was in the game. Not Shelden Williams. Not Chris Duhon. Not J.J. Redick. Not Lionel Chalmers. Not Romain Sato. Anthony Myles was the dominant player in the game until he fouled out…then that title went to Luol Deng.

I read a great article from Pete Prisco a CBS Sportsline Senior Writer about the game. He makes a comment in the article about how maybe the referees should have been cutting the nets down with the Blue Devils.

Thank you very much for one hell of a season Xavier Musketeers! You have had one up and down season, but no matter what, you have made all your fans proud to be Xavier fans and you have put XU on the map for good now. XU should no longer be the third team talked about in the city of Cincinnati. XU has proven to be dominant over the Cincinnati Bearcats the past eight years. The University of Kentucky should be the third team mentioned in this city and I love the Wildcats too.


Luckily I can still read many of the poker blogs while at work and I might have figured out a way to circumvent the Websense program that blocks me from posting during the day. I wanted to include links in the format here, and I am hoping that writing in html format will allow a smooth transition and a cut and paste type thing for easy posting when I get home. Iggy as always is an incredible read. Iggy, I know you check in on this blog from time to time and I’m sorry to disappoint that I don’t update as often and that I haven’t joined Party Poker yet. After several live games that I have played in and lost early in those, I have decided to postpone joining up yet to read and practice more on my game. I know right now that it is not a bad run of cards. I have had some bad beats, but I cannot blame the cards for that. I have allowed the possibility of being beat by misreading my opponents and not playing as aggressive as I could. I have no one to blame for this other than myself. I am not re-reading some of the Sklansky books I have and will go back to the drawing board.


Lately, things around my house have been busy too. We had a pond in our back yard from the previous owners. Now, judging from the way my house was when I bought it, everything these people did was half-assed. That included the pond. I have tried everything possible to clean the damn thing up and get rid of the crap, etc. Nothing has worked, so I finally decided to drain it completely, again, and yank the shit out and fill the hole. That is what I have been working on lately. Still don't have the hole quite filled and then I will have to put new mulch down. This homeownership shit sucks sometimes!


Overall, March Madness has been pretty incredible. Yes, I was pissed that UK lost to UAB. It has been unpredictable as usual, except for the first round flameout from Florida. I don't care what any UK fan says, if you would prefer to have Billy Donovan as your coach - you are in need of mental therapy. He can't coach his way out of a paper bag. His players are so soft it is incredible. Well, my interest in the Final Four is less than it used to be. I truly believe XU should have made it to the Final Four, but I am incredibly proud of an Elite Eight finish.


Well, I have figued out how to do this at it home and post. So more will come tomorrow. Until then.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Nobody Would've Predicted That

Wow is the only thing I can say about the Xavier - St. Joe's game today. Yesterday I was confident that the spread for the game would only be 6.5. I told myself if it was anything more than that, I would take XU to not lost by more than that. I was happy to take 8 points today. Needless to say, I say there dumbfounded while XU shellshocked the Hawks. Unfortunately, the 20-point loss doesn't do justice to how bad XU beat them. At one point, SJU was down 34. I think this effectively negates their #1 seed in the Big Dance.

XU has now played themselves into the NCAA Tournament. I'm predicting a 10 or 11 seed.

Way to go Muskies!! I'm proud of you!!


I'm off to play some poker tonight. I think we have 10 or 11 guys, so there will be a nice pot to win. I'll report back tomorrow with the results.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Betting Update

To give an update from gambling this past weekend…I went 4-2 on Sunday with College Basketball. Weekend total was 12-4. Not bad, but I always strive for perfection and wanted to go 16-0.

Madness and Mayhem Are In The Air

This is my favorite time of year. March Madness! I will be pulling for my Muskies tomorrow afternoon as they prepare for battle with St. Bonaventure. This is what I have a small problem with though. I am not sure why St. Bonnie’s is allowed to participate in the A-10 Tournament considering if they win the thing, they cannot accept the NCAA Tournament bid. I understand that this team didn’t do anything wrong and they shouldn’t be punished, but at the same time…sanctions are sanctions. Hopefully this will all be a moot point with the Muskies defeating them and then taking on the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION --- ST. JOSEPH’S!! Now I am not a fan of St. Joe’s. I’m not a bandwagon guy, but how can you not love this story? This is great for college basketball. For the first time in years, the number one team in the country is not a normal national powerhouse. I wish this team luck in their pursuit for the perfect season, but at the same time…I want my Muskies to take down in the quarterfinals of the A-10 tournament and make their way into the Big Dance.

There is all kinds of debate who will receive the fourth number one seed. The first three are locked up…Stanford, Duke, and St. Joe’s. I believe the fourth will be one of the following…Mississippi St., Kentucky, or Gonzaga. If neither Miss. St. or UK make it to the finals of the SEC Championship, Gonzaga will be the last #1 seed. If they both make it to the finals, then the winner will receive the #1 seed. As a UK fan, I would prefer the #2 seed. My prediction would be that UK would be in the same bracket as St. Joe’s and I would prefer that matchup much more than any other #1 seed. St. Joe’s guards are great, but at the same time, UK’s guards are pretty damn good too. It would be a hell of a game if it were to happen, but I think UK would come out on top.

Vic Mackey and the Strike Team Are Back

Tonight is the beginning of season 3 of The Shield. I’m excited about this show too. As you can tell, I like the drama type shows with plenty of violence. Not sure why that is…

Unfortunately, I will probably have to TiVo it tonight and catch it later this week. I haven’t finished the second season yet and don’t want to spoil anything. I’ll report back on this later in the week. Believe me though, this show is worth watching. Thinking back to my first couple of posts, I wrote about several television shows that I watch, but now it is down to only these two shows with World Poker Tour thrown in there occasionally.

My Latest Purchase

Saturday was a fun day for me. I woke up (which is always nice) and asked the misses what she thought about going truck shopping?? We have finally agreed that we needed a truck because the Nissan Sentra wasn’t getting things done any longer. We are avid campers, hikers, and scuba divers – among other things too. We were trying to cart this stuff and equipment around in the Sentra while trying not to squeeze the dog out was getting to be too much. Plus with all the house work I have scheduled to do this spring and summer, we wouldn’t be able to haul anything. I knew what I was looking for and convinced Julie what we needed. Soooo, we found an incredible deal on a 2002 Chevy Avalanche! It is beautiful and huge. I have never driven anything quite this large, but must admit that it drives like a dream. Can’t believe the deal that we got on this and really look forward to taking advantage of everything this truck allows you to do.

I wish I knew how to post photos to this website (not sure I even can) so I could post the new truck.

“Woke Up This Morning…Got Myself A Gun”

The Soprano’s Is Back!! I’m like a little kid in a candy store. I have been waiting 15 loooonnnnggg months to see this season. I anticipate this will in fact be the last and bloodiest of them all. I think it is great to bring in Steve Buscemi and Robert Loggia to add some new life to the cast. I love Steve Buscemi! He is a genuine freak on film…playing some of the best roles ever as far as I’m concerned.

This will be a great season with plenty of action. I predict that we won’t be seeing a long love interest between Tony and Dr. Melfi. I think she will be one of the first ones sleeping with the fishes. Pauley and Christopher will have more conflict between the two of them this season, and I will also predict a battle over the family between Tony S. and Tony B. (Steve Buscemi).

Check back for frequent updates on my thoughts about The Sopranos.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Yesterday Was A Great Day

Yesterday was a gift on the gambling life. College Basketball had some great games and easy money was waiting to be made. Either that, or I was just luckier yesterday than some other days. I wagered on 10 games that I thought were pretty open. I tend not to wager on that many games, but I need to get the bankroll up. I was 8-2 for the day.

The only bad pick for me was Providence...should have known they were falling apart a bit and not given 9 points to Boston College, but it was at Providence. The other loss was Mississippi St. who were 2.5 favorites over Alabama at home.

The next 8 games were great...Wisconsin -5.5 over IU...Oklahoma St -22 over Texas A&M (who were 0-15 in conference)...Xavier +1 at Temple...Tennessee -1.5 over South Carolina...Marquette +5.5 to Louisville...North Carolina +9.5 at Duke...Washington U +3.5 to Stanford...and finally Memphis +7.5 at Cincinnati.

Now truly, the XU and UC picks were what I was hoping would happen and I got lucky. Either way, it was a good day yesterday and the bankroll is climbing.

There are only a few games today and I really haven't looked at the spreads yet. I will probably only bet on the UK-Florida game today. Hopefully my Wildcats can cover 7.5 at home on Senior Day!

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Certainly Ranting

Who seriously would have thunk that Martha Stewart would have been convicted on all four counts or convicted period. I thought she would get off easily with a jury of that many women. Personally, I am glad that she was convicted and
seriously hope she spends the 20 years behind bars. People who profit from insider trading should have to face the penalties for that too. I don’t give a rat’s ass that she is Martha Stewart…she did something wrong and must pay the
consequences. Anyways, I think this will be a funny skit on Saturday Night Live tonight.


There are a lot of great poker sites out there and many great poker blogs too. I know I have promised to update my links to the left for a while, but I truly hope to do so this weekend. I would love to update this thing more often, but
after spending all day on a computer at work, the last thing I want to look at at night is this computer. I am also realizing that I don’t have that much poker content to talk about because I do not play online yet and my live games are once every couple weeks. Speaking of those live games, for some reason I have been less successful the past couple weeks playing. I’m not sure if it is my style has been figured out or if I am playing on tilt from the start? I’m confused. Either way, I have to get back to what I was doing when I was playing well. I need to go back to the books and study up some more. I know the best way to learn is to truly look at what I am playing.


I am currently betting on and trying to build up my account enough that I will take some of that money and start my Party Poker account. I have been reading too many posts and talking to too many people who are making a nice
profit on Party. I’m sure I need to spend some time just watching and getting a feel for the tables. When I do open that account, I will quickly download Poker Tracker too.

If anybody thinks they have some great bets out there that will make some cash, don’t hesitate to let me know and get me on Party Poker sooner. I like to make money and the only way to do it is to spend money. My main game is College
Basketball right now. So far the last several games I have bet, I have pulled it off. I took Georgia Tech at Duke, took the gift that was one point with Kentucky at South Carolina, and last night with DePaul vs. Cincinnati. Only bet I have lost lately was the Northwestern vs. Iowa game…one point spread, could have went either way, and I took the wrong way. I thought Iowa would pull it off (I was to influenced by their first game of the season against Louisville) and Northwestern covered the spread. Oh well.


Taking this from the Monday Morning Quarterback – Peter King
10 Things I Think I Think
1. Peyton Manning’s contract with the Colts was huge. I was excited to see Peyton stay with the Colts and predict a Super Bowl appearance this year. Peyton will put an end to all the doubts with yet another stellar season.
2. Terrell Owens will not be a problem for the Baltimore Ravens. With Ray Lewis in the locker room, T.O. will keep his mouth shut and do what he is supposed to do. It will be interesting to watch how Boller and T.O. get along.
3. Battle of the Unbeaten: St. Joe’s has a better chance of winning the National Title than Stanford. Stanford has pulled out a couple lucky wins this year and are a great TEAM oriented team. St. Joe’s has the best backcourt in the nation, are too tough to stop.
4. I do not think either St. Joe’s or Stanford will win the National Title.
5. I was glad to see the Philadelphia Eagles make a move in the offseason by signing The Freak. Memo to the Eagles: Where is the Wide Receivers you need so desperately? I know you wanted to try for T.O., but he would not have been the answer on that team. Keep working and sign a WR!
6. Grant Hill – why are you still around? Give it up already. You were a great player, but injuries have taken a toll on you. You have made more money than any person in history of professional sports without ever having to play. For
the sake of the Orlando Magic, restructure your contract and retire. Let them loose of the millions you are still owed and retiring gracefully and do nothing.
7. Steroid testing in baseball must happen. I haven’t been a big baseball fan in years…not since the last strike. I will follow through the year, but not pay that great attention until something is done to fix the game. I hate the
Yankees for what they continue to do. I hate the Reds for what they continue to not do (spend some frickin’ money Linder!). Ultimately, I can’t stand that the owners will never stand up to the Players Association.
8. NFL Draft: San Diego, you must select Eli Manning with the number one pick. Think about it…has a Manning not succeeded in the NFL? No. The kid was born to become a NFL quarterback. Face it…Drew Brees is not the answer and Doug Flutie is old. Start planning now. Can you imagine Eli handing the ball off to Lad Tomlinson? Throwing to D. Boston (the real Freak of the NFL)? Simply by picking Eli, you are only a matter of seasons from the playoffs.
9. I hate Maurice Clarett and what he has now done to College Football. I sincerely hope College Football doesn’t become College Basketball with kids playing for one year and then leaving. I do believe that the NFL will monitor this well enough and not allow the league to suffer. If the NFL becomes the laughingstock that is the NBA, I will be severely depressed.
10. Season 2 of the World Poker Tour will be another hit. I think the fad will fade before a Season 3, but I hope I am wrong.


Again, sorry for the long post. I have to go and later today I will update links and post what I think about some of the games today.