Sunday, January 30, 2005

Finished 9th

Had my big, annual tournament last night. This will be a short post because still feeling the effects of the hangover and long day. About 30 people showed up. An old roommate of mine won the thing and took home $840 for the 7 1/2 hours of work. I was one spot off the final table. My goal was to make back-to-back final tables, but one short isn't too bad. I didn't play bad at all. I was stealing blinds when I needed to steal them and played well when I had cards to work with. Unfortunately, they just came too few and far between. Eventually I was blinded off. Went all-in in the dark on my final hand. Never looked, caught two pair, but lost to a higher two pair.

Great night overall. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I'm sure this time next year I will be talking about the 3rd CSOP.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Really...A Month?

Good stuff. It really has been a month since I last posted. No real excuses for that except laziness and craziness around my house. Laziness on my part of not really having too much to say, being preoccupied with a life transition, and not playing much poker. Craziness surrounds my house as all the snow the past month, along with rain and flooding has somewhat ruined my basement.

Now, this wouldn’t seem like a great big deal, but this is my part of the house. The basement is completely finished and this is where my surround sound system and 55” Mitsubishi television sits. Luckily, the flood wasn’t a problem for me. All the snow and rain has been soaked into the ground and forcing its way through cracks in my foundation, ruining carpet (and towels) in its path. I have removed all the drywall and paneling along one side of the basement in anticipation of the construction work to be done. A new drain tile and drain system should take care of any water problems for the future. Luckily for me, right now, it hasn’t affected any of my television watching or video game playing.

Since the carpet is ruined in that section of the basement, my wife and I decided to put down a new floor. I could have ripped up the carpet and padding and put the carpet back down, but it would look like shit. I don’t do well with stuff that looks like shit. We are going with a company trying to break into the Cincinnati market that puts down a natural stone floor. You can check them out here.

Since this problem has lasted the past month, I’m excited to get it over with, but still have to wait a while longer for the people to come in and do the work. As you can imagine, I’m not the only one in the city who needs this work done.

Enough on the bad stuff. Let’s get to some good stuff. I have gone through a small life transition this past week/month. I have left my former position, which I don’t believe I ever mentioned what that was (for good reason), for a new position with Ashland Inc. I am very excited about this opportunity to work in their corporate headquarters and in the corporate communications department. I promise I won’t talk about work much in this little blog. The reason that I didn’t mention what I did previously was because I worked for the city government. There are extremely high tensions in the City of Cincinnati and anyone that has a blog in this town that discusses anything going on in the city tends to get picked up by the local alternative media. Now, my goal was to never get that attention. While I have had many opinions in the past year of blogging, I never wanted to make any known for fear of the City finding out. Now that I am no longer an employee, expect to see some juicy stuff on how ridiculously this city is ran. Why this city continues to reelect the Councilmembers we currently have serving is beyond me. Anyways, I’m excited about the new opportunity. It will be one that will provide me with great experience and incredible chances to move up in the world. Have I decided this is the career path for me? No, I still think PGA golfer is the way to go, but I’ll settle for this right now.

As for everything else, I plan on picking up the postings regarding sports and most likely local politics. I have decided on a new look for the blog. I didn’t like the small columns on the previous one and also know that I cannot post only on poker. I unfortunately do not play enough or devote near enough time to the hobby. I hate to call it a hobby, but right now that is all it is. Profitable when I do play, so that makes it better than my other hobbies. I am playing in a home game this weekend. We had to take it on location because I’m expecting anywhere between 30-50 people. I will find out the total on Saturday at 2 p.m. This is the one big tournament I plan on doing every year. I got started a little late on the planning stage of it this year and may not get as many people as I would like. I played and ran the thing last year, finishing fifth. Hoping for a better outcome this year. I have invited Iggy to the game, but with the surgery and all, not sure if he is up for much more than clicking a mouse.

Well, I think this is enough to get me back in the flow of things. Thanks for coming back if you have. Sorry for the hiatus.