Friday, January 06, 2006

Pulling the Plug

That's it. I haven't offered anything to the blogging community for quite some time. Hell, I haven't offered anything for myself in a while either.

I'm trying to sort out a lot that is on my mind and frankly, not sure where I'm headed.

It takes a truly dedicated person to do this stuff. I'm not that guy. Thanks to any who read this thing when it actually was a living, breathing entity. Sorry that I haven't done anything in quite a while.

To those I've met through this ... it was freaking awesome.

To those who stumble upon this now ... go check some of the archives ... there were a couple of good things in there somewhere.

I may one day come back. I have to find my voice again. Hell, I have to find myself and my passions. Right now, besides my wife, my life seems to be sucked out of me. Trying to figure out the road ahead for me. Don't worry ... I'm not depressed, just need to analyze some stuff in my life.

Take care!


Ignatious said...

i fully expect you to return somewhere down the road. :)

Ignatious said...

email me.

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Mary said...

I just found your site and it looks pretty cool, but sadly I didn't see it before you pulled the plug. Hope to see you back here again sometime..... sounds like you have a lot to offer. Also hope all is going well with you and you are getting things sorted out. Happy New Year and see you in 2007???

Virgin Casinos said...

LOL awww I was hoping for some new content. Thats ok, ill re-read the archives. Take care!

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