Monday, August 15, 2005

Almost up and running again

A friend of mine got me a new hard drive for cheaper than I would have paid Dell. It is installed and I'm in the process of installing everything back on the PC.

Now my only problem is accessing the Internet at home. Unfortunately, I have lost the WEP network key to logon. It was in a .txt file on the computer for easy access when friends came over with their laptops and such. Not sure how to find the key on the Wife's computer. Also, don't want to reset the key until I know that it won't screw everything up. I've told y'all before ... I'm not too smart as these computer issues.

If anyone has any advice as to how to find the old WEP key or how to reset the whole damn thing altogether and keep the other PCs on the network, I'd appreciate that.

Also, if anyone knows how to recover information from a hard drive that has gone kaput, please, please let me know. I didn't think about it until a day or two ago, but I have lost all my hands/stats in PokerTracker, lost all my documents, all the before/after photos of home improvement and everything else I valued.

This is such a pain in the ass.

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Scott Chaffin said...

Can't you just tell her what you change the key to?

One thing you might want to try on the HDD is putting it into an external USB-enabled case, attaching it to the PC, and seeing if you can mount it and access it. USB cases are about $30-40. You might need an extra connector/convertor ribbon cable for a laptop drive. WinXP is pretty good about USB HDDs.