Thursday, August 11, 2005

Still Without Home PC

Well, I am continuing my battle with Dell. Since my computer fried 3 weeks after the warranty expired ... they refuse to do anything for me and I refuse to spend any more money with them.

I find it convenient that they discontinued the particular model PC, especially after a rash of complaints about them getting too hot and frying hard drives. I have done my research on the damn thing and now I'm pissed. I feel that for the kind of money I spent on the thing ... I shouldn't be having problems like this.

Anyway ... I am without the basic necessities of life right now ... home PC, Internet and on-line poker. The wife is back in school, so time with her PC is limited.

Glad I bought Madden 2006 to entertain myself for a while at least.

If anyone has any tips on how to wage a war with Dell and win (no refurbished laptops ... please feel free to drop me a line.)

Blogging opportunities will be few ... I don't really like to do this at work since I have to logon everytime I connect to the InterWeb.

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