Monday, February 09, 2004

Another Local Tournament

There is going to be a No Limit Tournament at LaSalle High School here in the Nati in March. The event is a fundraiser for the Golf and Baseball teams. They are looking for 300 participants at $100.00 each. Paying out roughly 31% to the top 8. First place ends up with $3K and eighth gets $400. $9200.00 total in prize money.

I haven't decided if I want to enter this tournament or not. I understand it is a fundraiser, but really, over $20,000 for two high school sports teams? I played high school sports (football, basketball, and golf) and I don't think any of our bugdets were in need of $20K. Anyways, that is just me bitching that more money isn't going to paying out the contestents.

Unfortunately, there aren't any rules posted yet regarding the tourney. I'm not sure how the blinds are set up or even what your starting amount of money is. I guess I could always call the contact people and ask, huh?


Looking forward to Thursday this, not because of Survivor: All-Stars (although I must admit I am a fan), but traveling to San Francisco for the weekend. Taking the wife for Valentine's Day and hopefully meeting up with an old college roommate out there. I've never been to SF and really want to see the town. Between Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, I am really looking forward to it. Only bummer is that the Giants aren't playing.

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