Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Way to Go Muskies! And Wildcats!

A big night for both my favorite teams. There really isn't anything I enjoy more than watching XU stick it to Richmond. For those who don't know, over the past few years, there has been some bad blood between the two schools. Glad that Romain kinda got going in the second half. Big win for the Muskies tonight. They keep this up and they still might make the NCAA Tourney (with a very strong showing in the A-10 tournament). Now have to keep this up and get the win against Dayton and repay some of their losses.

The UK Wildcats played another strong game without Gerald Fitch. That is huge right now. Extremely happy to see that Antwain Barbour is finally playing like he was supposed to for the past season and a half! Great game tonight! 23 points is what I think he ended up with. Also happy to see that this game didn't have to come down to the last possession.

Very proud of both teams tonight and look forward to many more good games! I love this time of year. My betmaker account is loving this time of year also! Jut might end up making enough to get started on Party Poker (at least that is the stipulation the wife is putting on me!)!

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