Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Finally Recovered

What a weekend and beyond. From my big poker tournament to the Super Bowl to Rivalry Week in College Basketball...I have finally found a few minutes to post to the blog again. I can't wait to get started.

Saturday was a great day. I ended up with 25 people playing. Only one hitch and that was starting about an hour late because one guy was stuck behind a wreck and couldn't get here. Unfortunate enough that he was also the first guy out and had to wear the "Beer Delivery Guy" shirt!

Actually ended up having some pretty good card players involved. When we first got started, I certainly didn't anticipate the tourny going as long as it did. Started at 2 pm and finished around 10 pm. I thought there were enough inexperienced guys playing that it would go quickly. The table I started at was a very tight game and it took a while to figure out everyone. I finally decided to make a move on the table when dealt wired 8's. Got several guys to go with me into the flop. Flop was 83T. I slowplayed it and checked and simply called their bets and raises. Fourth street came up with a 4h. I bet a little just to keep them in the pot. River card was 3d. I decided to move all in and actually got one guy to call me and the other folded. Pot was worth about $400. I was the chip leader at the table and then had to move tables to even up numbers.

Long story short, I finished 4th out of 25. Pretty pleased with the showing, but I played too tight at the final table. Should have called some bets when I knew they didn't have it, but didn't want to risk doubling them up. Shows some of my inexperience too I guess. First place took $730, I ended up with $50.

I didn't go to bed until 5 am on Saturday because my after party got a little crazy with beer drinking and playing some more poker into the night. Glad there were some ladies there later to keep the games interesting, if you get what I'm saying!

Super Bowl was incredible! What a game. Only bummer was betting the Panthers straight up and losing. I thought I should have taken the points, but I went greedy. The whole halftime show was blown out of proportion, but I did find it funny that within five minutes, five friends called and asked if I TiVo'ed it! Hilarious!

I along with the Fat Guy would love to get my hands on the Ford GT. I don't think my salary will permit one though.

Rivalry Week has been very good to me. My beloved Musketeers beat those Bearcats once again! Fourth time in five years! I really didn't expect that and somewhat wish I wouldn't have sold my tickets now. But, I would rather have the cold hard cash. Finally, those UK Wildcats beat dem Gators in FLA again! I love watching UK beat Billy Donovan and all those McDonald's All-Americans.

I apologize for taking so long to update about the game, but lack of sleep and so much going on sports wise, I just couldn't convince myself to sit in front of the computer long enough. I think I need to get a laptop and wireless internet in my house...then I will have the best of everything.

I look forward to my next poker game and am seriously thinking of opening a real money account on Party Poker. Just have to make sure the wife doesn't find out! HA!

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