Saturday, July 10, 2004

American Casino

This show just cracks me up! This guy David has to be the biggest goofball I have ever seen. In the last episode I watched (Playboy Mansion), David decided to turn his apartment into an Ultra Lounge. That had to be the dumbest idea I have ever seen. Although, everyone who attended his "Grand Opening" of the JC1K Ultra Lounge, appeared to have a good time.

My favorite person on this show is Wayne, the director of marketing. This dude is hilarious. Everytime he sees water, he has to jump into it. He was great at the Playboy Mansion too. I cannot begin to imagine how much fun that would be. His supervisors decided to make a trip down to the mansion to keep an eye on him because he has a tendency to have too much fun.

The women on this show are absolutely beautiful too!

Sidebar - is it just me, or does the staff seem to be young? Several of the staff are in their late 20s to early 30s. Man, I knew I should have went out to Vegas and taken a gig out there.

Wow, while playing around on the Staff Bio site, I noticed Michael Tata was missing. I didn't realize he suddenly passed away this past week. He was only 33. I will follow this to find out what happened. There wasn't any suspicion of foul play.

Another link - This one from Green Valley Ranch

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