Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I Should Be In Detox

Wow, what a weekend!  I went on a golf trip with my brother and 14 of his fraternity brothers for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We went to Pine Valley Country Club in Elizabethtown, KY.  The game plan was 18 holes Friday morning, then 18 holes Friday afternoon.  Same thing for Saturday, and 18 on Sunday morning.  Of course, there cannot be that much golf without drinking.
I wasn't too pleased with my golfing this weekend.  I am rougly a 18-20 handicap, but I certainly did not play that way this weekend.  Now some of it may have been the booze, but most of it was in my head.  For those who do not think golf is a sport, I suggest you go out there and swing a club almost 300 times and tell me how you feel.  In my head, I could not get myself to focus on my shots and make good, solid contact.  Everything I hit I either pushed it or pulled it.  I went this way for most of the weekend.  I only got things going for about nine holes all weekend, but I played those nine holes incredibly well.  The golf course was incredible.  Absolutely beautiful. 
At night, we sat at the bar and drank quite a bit and then retired to the condos to play a little poker.  Friday night we played a little game.  Saturday night I was not able to partake in because I got a little lot too wasted.  Friday was plenty of fun and I finished in third position.  My brother of all people finally put me out of the game.  I tried to make a more in LP and my brother, the BB, called my bluff with KK.  Oh well.  What can ya do, right?
Now, on Saturday afternoon, before I was too bombed, we played a four-man scramble.  I was able to draft my team and win the thing.  It was a nice $40 for not playing to well. 
The nightlife at this place wasn't anything to write home about.  There was plenty of karoke, not that I'm any good at it, and a few good looking females here and there.
Overall, it was an incredible weekend.  Had plenty of fun and should have spent Monday in detox rather than work.  I'm sure at some point in time this weekend, my blood alcohol content was probably .25. 
Alright then, I'm off to go watch Nip/Tuck.  Julie finally came home from volleyball and I was nice enough to wait to watch it with her.  If I play on this any longer she may disown me.

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