Thursday, July 08, 2004

Whirlwind 48 hours

Well, my beloved Musketeers have lost their coach and named a new one in less than 24 hours. I have had a chance to fully process the situation and I really don't feel the same as I did when it first happened. To start off, I was pissed off about Thad telling the City and fans that he was in it to win it at XU. I believe the quote he gave was "I'm not a candidate. It's that plain and that simple." Now, this should piss off any XU fan out there.

My outrage at first was merely this comment. But after really thinking about it, I truly believe he was looking out for the program. XU is trying to land a top tier recruit right now, and the last thing needed is to have the coaching change talk going on. Now, don't get me wrong, I truly believe that he has lost an incredible amount of credibility in the coaching ranks.

On the flip side, I am extremely thrilled with the selection of Sean Miller as the new Head Coach of the Xavier Musketeers. I'm very surprised that XU has been able to keep him as long as they have. He is a great talent and I don't expect XU to miss a beat.

Here is to hoping that Matta will schedule a home & home with XU v. Ohio St. Right now, I would predict a super ass-beating by the Musketeers. Best of luck to The Ohio State University. You have landed yourself a great coach who will do great things. Xavier University will continue on the path of success by Coach Miller. I look forward to next year's season tickets.

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