Friday, November 19, 2004

Blog Maverick

I tend to read Mark Cuban's blog every once in a while. Some of his posts are quite longwinded, but always insightful. The guy isn't all that bad. Hell, I wish he would come to Cincinnati and buy the Cincinnati Reds. I respect him as an owner because he will do what it takes to win.

Got on there this morning and he had an incredible post on the latest FCC b.s. regarding MNF's T.O. & Desperate Housewive's skit. Is it just me or are we spending way too much effing time on a skit? WTF? Anyway, Cuban has a good take on what we can to appease the FCC. Introducing the new reality show - Apologevents.

Oh yeah, sidebar on why the NBA sucks. So Cuban makes a legit point about the decision to start the NBA season on Election night wasn't the brightest idea because 99% of America was more interested in the Presidential election. The NBA's reaction...that's right...LET'S FINE HIM FOR HAVING AN OPINION! Fuck David Stern and his worthless league of "potential." Hey David, thanks for ruining basketball on all levels.

Damn, what a way to start a Friday?

Also, HALO 2 evaluation is on the way. Wanted to get enough playing time into it and also try out the XBox Live stuff.

Poker news is on the way also. I have given serious thought to my play the past couple weeks, although, my play has been focused entirely on Omaha Hi and not Hold'em. I haven't read anything regarding Omaha ever, just trying to spend time at the tables to get the science of that game down. Overall, the bankroll has improved steadily with my Omaha play.

Does anyone know out there if PokerTracker analyzes Omaha stats. I just haven't played with it enough to figure that out. Hell, I still struggle trying to analyze all the info from Hold'em. I need a "How to Read PokerTracker for Dummies" book :-).

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