Thursday, November 04, 2004

Four More Years

"I actually voted for John Kerry, before I voted against him!"

I apologize up front for those who are offended with the political talk. I won't say too much, but I am extremely happy to have four more years of W. I have heard so much crap from the extreme left the past few weeks/months that it made me sick. If you truly believe that John Kerry was the man to "lead" America, I'm sorry. The man doesn't have a bone in his body. He clearly wouldn't have had the backbone to stand up for America.


I played a home game on election night to try to help take the mind off how crucial the state I live in was for this election. It was with nearly the same group of assholes friends. After a little advice from Iggy I decided to change my game up a bit for this group. I normally play the cards and only wait for proper position and good starting hands. I have had my moments with this group, but haven't had much success lately.

I wanted to see a few more flops on Tuesday night. Most of the flops were pretty cheap to see and if I didn't hit anything, I tended to get out of the hand. One particular hand was my downfall and basically took me out of the rest of the night. Short story is that I had the top pair and allowed a guy to chase his four flush rather cheaply - TWICE. I knew my top pair was strong enough and I put him on a flush draw. I thought my two bets were significant enough to force him out of the hand, but I was wrong. Needless to say, he hit his flush on the river and I had nothing. Like an idiot, I paid off the final bet, leaving me shortstacked, to make sure I was right. I was. Didn't mean much to me at that point.

I was able to maneuver my short stack for quite some time to make the final 6 out of 15 considering how early in the game that had happened. I ended up getting knocked out on what I feel was a bad beat. Pocket Ks, all-in preflop. One caller. Both flip over, KK vs. A2o. Didn't like the overcard at all, but thought I might be ok. Flop comes out with J82o. Fourth street, blank. River brought the mighty 2.

I was extremely pissed because the guy that beat, this was his first time playing. He truly didn't know what hands beat what. He called simply because he had an A in his hand. He caught more flops and river cards than I thought humanly possible. He ended up finsihing second. Much to my amazement.

Although I battled my way back to at least finish sixth, I was less than impressed with my play. Although I told myself to see more flops (which I did), I still played the cards 99% of the time. I never played the guys (which I should be doing at this point because we play together so often). I'm not too sure what it is going to take for me to improve my game and improve my playing of people instead of hands/cards.


Kentucky basketball! Man was I impressed last night. Although it was a Division II basketball team, it was great to see this freshman class. I expect huge things from them. I will have much more on this later.


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