Monday, February 14, 2005

Hanging with the WWE

So tonight I'm headed to WWE Monday Night RAW. I'm not a big wrestling fan, although I did grow up watching it and was a huge fan of Jerry "The King" Lawler when we would watch in Louisville every Tuesday night. Along with a couple of friends, we scored free tickets to a VIP suite for the event. I don't know how good our seats will actually be, but I'm looking forward to the people watching. Anyone know who the big stars are anymore? Looking at the website, I understand Triple H is the main guy. Guess The Rock is too busy doing movies. I have done a little research into the women. Man they look good. In my latest issue of Playboy, a preview to next month show new WWE RAW Diva, Christy Hemme, will pose. Hope she makes an appearance tonight. She was a former Juggy Girl on "The Man Show."

I'll let her check my pipes.

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