Monday, February 14, 2005

Juiced: No Shit?

Jose Canseco needs the money. He isn't a credible person....unless you are talking about steroids. He knows a thing or two about 'roids. Will I buy his book? No. Do I believe his story. Absolutely. I never really doubted that the likes of McGwire, Pudge, Juan Gone, Giambi, and Bonds used steroids. The people that should really jump out at you are Brady Anderson's 1996 season and Brett Boone since 2001. Their "seasons" were a farce. The last few years of baseball are a farce. I'm going back to recognizing Roger Maris as the all-time HR leader. Not Bonds and not McGwire.

Oh yeah. And I believe that Sammy Sosa only used a corked bat once.

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