Thursday, February 10, 2005

Still Playing Pacific Poker

What can I say? I hate the software as much as the next poker player, but you cannot deny yourself the opportunity of easy money! I hadn’t played on Pacific in quite some time; I am mainly used it to teach the Wife how to play.

Saturday night, after returning home from a friends wedding, I decided to hang with my friends staying at the house and fire up Pacific Poker. Luckily for me, I wasn’t too inebriated because I videotaped the wedding and reception. That was the other reason for staying up…drink some beer.

We fired up Pacific and started out playing Omaha Hi. I’m not a big fan of Omaha Hi/Lo. We were a little faded, so we didn’t want to worry too much about the money we were playing. Nothing on the $.50/1 tables. Not a single person. Found one table at $1/2. Sat down and played for a while until that table began to break up. Moved up to $2/4 and made a nice profit. Should have made quite a bit more, but two of my full houses lost to higher full houses, on the river both times no less, costing me $80 pots in both situations.

isn’t the greatest software, but the fish are incredible out there.

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