Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Helluva Weekend

“We’re the entertainment for the Mother’s Day brunch. I’m a ventriloquist.” – Daddy says to crowded elevator as he, Iggy, and I tote a cooler full of beer.

I wasn't able to play in tonight's WPBT WSOP event on Noble. Tried to get home and watch and chat, but unfortunately the chat is restricted to only those at the tables. Good luck to all.

Aside from the amount of beer that would be consumed, at that very moment, I knew this was one hell of a way to conclude a great weekend – playing a home game with Iggy and his friends, along with Pauly and Daddy.

Great to meet up with Pauly and Snailtrax (Daddy), who quite possibly has the best post ever about things you can do with a donkey. Fun to sit around a table with some very good poker players, and Sam – who absolutely killed the table, but reminded me of some of the fish I lose to on Party Poker.

I’m sure I won’t be able to give much justice to the game and events of the day, so I recommend checking out Pauly, Snailtrax and Iggy for more sordid details.

Lost my original buy-in, to come back and regain most. Only lost a little at the tables … mostly to Sam.

Iggy’s friend GMoney took a good pot off me flopping broadway to my two pair QJ. Watched Iggy take a good hit playing the Hammer down … so when I got it, I pushed hard to just show it off for fun. I can’t remember, but I think it was the only successful hammer? Someone please remind me.


Well, I have alluded to many topics last week and over the weekend that I guess I need to finish thoughts on, right?

Let’s start off with my golf game on Saturday. I used to be a very good golfer, but the last two years I haven’t played as much as I like and unlike riding a bike for a while … it just doesn’t come back that easily. Plus, tinkering with a swing change complicates things further too. I would love to spend countless hours refining the swing, but that little thing called work seems to get in the way.

My friends and I played a local public course that isn’t very difficult, but is extremely tight and unforgiving for any missed shots. Off the tee, I was very long and straight. That hasn’t happened in quite a while. I loved that part of my game and couldn’t have asked for a better start. For most holes it was a driver-wedge combination. Sounds great right? Not for me. I lack confidence and seem to lose all control with the one club that should exude confidence and incredible control. I sprayed the wedge all over the place and lost strokes here and there because of it. I finished with one birdie and a couple pars and several bogeys and a snowman. I was displeased with the final outcome of the day, but I felt confident with my swing. Some more work to build confidence with my wedge is in order. If I can bring my “A” game from 120 yards and in, I will finally have put it all together.


Bausch and Lomb and Nike have developed some kickass contacts for baseball players and golfers! These contacts apparently make it easier for baseball players to see the seams on the ball and identify the pitch coming at them. Tinted red, they give an intimidating appearance at the plate. I guess they are also like sunglasses directly on your eye. The golfer version is tinted green so you can see your golf ball better in the air and grass. I look forward to these coming out for the public.

My eyes usually look like this after a good night of drinking.


I was going to talk about Van Gundy's fine ... but who cares about that now. What else did I have in mind?

The alledged rape at Wildcat Lodge. Let's just say that I am happy that nothing has come of it. Glad that Chuck Hayes did not have to have his name drug through the mud. I'm not going to bother linking up to any of the articles sense I don't want to really draw any more attention to it than need be.


I will post more tomorrow. I have more to say, but want to watch the rest of the Blogger tournament.

Oh yeah - t-minus 11 days until I leave for Las Vegas. Take care everyone.

My last thought for the evening ...

I'll leave you with this wonderful photo of Scarlett Johannson. She is quickly climbing up my charts.


Ignatious said...

best i remember, you won the only hammer, but i don't remember much of the last 4-5 hours. :)

Dr. Pauly said...

I want to make this a yearly adventure!!

Daddy said...

twas the pleasure.
look forward to doing it again soon.