Monday, May 23, 2005

More Coming ...

Just a quick note. Arrived yesterday. Sat down at a $2/4 table. Won a $70 pot but I was afraid. Had Cowboys but board paired 3s on the flop. River brought a third 3. At that point I couldn't get away from the pot. Won with the full boat against the guy who held J5 and had the boat with Jacks and threes.

Not too much else to report on the $2/4 game.

Saw 'O' at Bellagio. Had to take the wife to a show. Awesome to say the least. They did stuff I didn't think was humanly possible.

Sat down this morning for a NL tournament at the Flamingo. $50 + 5 buy-in. I finished 3rd for my first real live tournament in Vegas. I'll take it. I should have been in for 2nd, but the guy wouldn't go away. Caught a river 3 for pair of threes against the big stack to stay in the game when all he had was the small blind.

Playing in tomorrow's tourney.

Check back for more.

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"take eeeet dooooowwwwwn"

kick some ass dude