Thursday, January 29, 2004

XU --- Where Did You Go??

What has happened to my beloved Xavier Musketeers? Getting beat by 21 last night at George Washington. That was one horrible display of basketball by XU! Thad Matta should be embarrassed and that whole team should be embarrassed. The fact the Dedrick Finn was quoted in the paper today saying "they gave up" last night?!?!?! --- how is that ever possible?

This team has a cancer on it right now and the funk needs to be removed. I personally think the seniors have to go. They offer no leadership to this team right now. Lionel Chalmers and Romain Sato have been completely unproductive this year. Romain is extremely overrated without David West.

I propose playing the freshmen and grooming them for next year. Get them all the experience in the world right now and rebuild this team for next year.

This is pathetic - I just don't know what to expect from this team. This Saturday against Dayton...I will take Dayton and the points up to 12. I don't know what the spread is currently, but believe me I will be betting against the Musketeers on this one.

As far as Tuesday goes, my tickets are for sale at Ebay! This could quite possibly be the most lopsided Crosstown Shootout in history. I feel so bad for ESPN asking the schools to participate in Rivalry Week. This is the featured game and it will be at least a 20-point blowout. If I am wrong, I will eat my words.

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