Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Feable Attempt at Uber Post

Howdy all! It has truly been a while since I offered anything of substance on this site. I have been saying that big news was coming, but that was a few weeks back. And now, I’m not so sure this is big news any longer. Long story short is this. I used to be involved quite heavily in the political scene around here. Right up until late last year when I lost all faith in the elected “leaders” of this city. I put quotes around leaders because they are more like bickering children than actual leaders. Their idea of reforming this great city is grandstanding on race dividing issues rather than rebuilding people’s hopes for a great city to raise your children. Anyways, sorry to get off on that rant. A gentleman I met while working for a former councilmember, who is now just jumping from elected office-to-elected office after only a few months (a true political whore), has asked that I run his campaign. Now, this may not seem huge to most people, but I was honored to be asked to run his campaign. Had he asked this a few months back before I had my current job, I would have jumped at the opportunity.

While I cannot devote my full attention to his campaign, I can put together the full plan for him. I have been working damn near 80 hours a week right now between the two jobs, getting everything ready for the big announcement and impending campaign. I really think he has a shot. Although the democrats will still hold the majority on city council, I truly think a conservative, Westside voice is desperately needed. I will have more updates on the campaign as things happen.

At the same time, I have also been asked to sit on the board of a newly created PAC that represents the needs of the Westside of Cincinnati. I accepted the position, but after the last meeting and seeing the two crazy ladies that are going to help run this thing, I may have to step down and watch this great idea implode from within. I know these two women from my previous work, and their racist attitudes won’t fly with me. I had to bite my tongue at the last meeting when all we were trying to accomplish was a mission statement and our purpose, and they wouldn’t shut the hell up! You may not believe me that they are in fact crazy, so I will paint this picture for you. Say you wanted to coordinate an outfit. Purple in moderation isn’t so bad you think, right? Let’s go overboard. Here is the ensemble: a purple jacket, a purple shirt, purple pants/jeans, purple shoes, purple fingernails, purple purse w/ matching purple inner bag (makeup) for the purse, purple eyeshadow, purple lipstick, and to top it all off – a purple pen to write with! For pete’s sake? Who in the hell lets someone out the door looking like that?

Enough of that.

Anyone seen Super Size Me!? Wow! Want to talk about a life-changing movie. As I sat there and watched this, all I could think of is what this food has already done to my body. For those that don’t know. This idiot, Morgan Spurlock (I believe), decided to go on a McDiet for 30 days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner --- all from McDonalds. Doesn’t sound so bad huh? Now, I call him an idiot because of how this experiment would have killed him had he kept it up. He made it the full 30 days, but not after putting on 25 pounds, having his liver almost shut down on him similar to an alcoholic, and consuming over 30 pounds of sugar.

It really was a great movie after much reflecting. I will never look at fast food the same. I will most likely vomit at the very smell of McDonalds. By the way, everyone loves McDonalds French fries, right? Would you actually believe that after 10 weeks, they won’t show the slightest sign of decomposing? Really … I’m serious. Who actually knows how long it would take. The dude had to throw them out after 10 weeks, along with the other McDonalds food, because of the smell.

I will never eat McDonalds again. No matter how hung over I am. I will grill my own burger instead of heading to the Golden Arches.

Editors note: That guy, Morgan, has a television show to debut on FX called “30 Days.” I’m not sure if he will be the one doing the ‘experiments’ of if someone else will, but the premise is to do something out of your ordinary for 30 days. Sounds like a great concept too. I'm sure I will check it out when it premieres.

Poker news – not too much to report. Been too busy with all the political stuff to really sit down and play. But, I don’t have much time before I go to Vegas, so I need to focus and build the bankroll for playtime. When I have played, it has been with mixed results. Mostly on the positive, but with some negatives. I have to do too much of the 25-30 minute sessions with the limited amount of time I have.

Today Yesterday is was opening day for the Redlegs. I watched the Stealth Bomber flyover the stadium from my plush window view. Really wish I was at the game. This is the first time in four years that I have missed opening day. Didn’t really miss the parade that much. Maybe because the past few years it has been freezing in the morning and no fun to drive the convertible. ADD: Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Queen City. The Reds snatched victory from the Mets with a walk-off homer by Joe Randa!

Now, that didn't stop our favorite Red, Ryan Freel from getting too excited. Seems his $600K+ salary isn't enough to call a cab so he doesn't get a DUI!

Can I bum a ride?

Seriously ... what is it with the sports figures in this town and DUIs? Just in the last year or two ... Justin Smith of the Bengals, Bob Huggins of University of Cincinnati, Keith LeGree of the same University of Cincinnati basketball coaching staff, Bubba Nelson of the Cincinnati Reds, and now Freel.

Wow ... something of substance. Feels good to be back.

Read this interesting poker news today: World’s Sexiest Poker Room Gives Away Ultimate Poker Prize

Now, I know my ultimate prize is prolly a little different than others, but I was a little upset once I saw it was just a seat to the "Big Dance."

Here's the reason why it's the sexiest poker room.

Expect another update on Thursday. I'm hosting a small, friendly game of Omaha Hi tomorrow night. We usually play Hold 'Em, but I was growing tired of the same outcomes. Thought I would force the issue a little. We'll see how this turns out. I'm sure it will be a no fold'em game fer sure! Looking forward to it though.

Finally, just to send you guys off on a good note, the up and coming "Lady of the Ring" Mrs. Amy Hayes! *You might be able to find some extra photos in the Cyber Club if you choose.

Now can I get called for roughing?

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Dr. Pauly said...

Yeah, I showed Super Size me to my brother (Derek) and he didn't eat fast food for months afterwards! He was definitely freaked out by it.