Saturday, April 23, 2005

Few things to touch on ...

I've been hitting the $1/2 6-max tables a lot the past couple days. I guesss the strong run I had in the beginning had to be offset by some of the incredible river beats I've taken the past couple nights.

I'm not going to get too concerned over it. I had the best hands everytime until that river card landed and I couldn't too much more to push people off their draws. I kept firing at them and they kept calling and hitting their draws.

Glad to see Alex Smith go #1 in the NFL Draft. I wasn't a big fan of Aaron Rogers because he's a Tedford-guy. I don't think Tedford guys really turn into much of anything in the league. I wouldn't base my future on a Tedford quarterback. Hell, eight picks in and he hasn't been selected yet.

Looking forward to the Bengals and the 17th pick. Hope they get Erasmus James. They need a big run stopper. Hope he's the guy.

Any ideas where the 'freak' of the draft will go? Matt Jones from Arkansas. I say early 2nd round. Some team will take a chance on him. I think he'll be a big time player down the road ... similar to Hines Ward.

What else?

Go give UWannaBet some good vibes. He's been on a bit of downslide. Playing well, but nothing going his way at the moment. Didn't realize he was a another local blogger. We'll have to take on the boats in the near future. Iggy ... you in for that?

Go support the Poker Geek and his shirts! They look sweet.

Celebrating my birthday tonight, even though it's tomorrow, by going to the Cincinnati Marshals indoor football game. Not sure what it's like. The Diamond Deputies should be nice! (Wanted to link to them, but site seems to be down ... hope the team is still here???)By the way ... what's up with the weather. It isn't supposed to snow at the end of April. This is bullshit!

Going back to the draft. Can't wait to see how the Redskins screw up their pick. Really, is anyone dumber than Dan Snyder? Personally, I think you have to take Carlos Rogers or Mike Williams.

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