Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Another Reason Why The Cincinnati Reds Suck

Reds decline to offer Larkin a contract

Look, I'm not a huge Barry Larkin fan, but for fuck's sake...how to you not offer a guy who has been with you for 19 years, and had as productive year as anyone who will replace him (because you are too fucking stupid to have thought that Barry was getting old and haven't groomed anyone to replace him), how do you not offer him a one-year contract deal and then a coacking position?

Fuck the Reds. This is another reason why I'm just about through with Major League Baseball. That and the fact that my other team cannot fucking win in the postseason. Bobby Cox is one of the best manager's ever in MLB, but WTF? Can't you win more than once in 13 straight division titles?

I wish everyone could hear this bumbling fucking idiot of a general manager, Dan O'Brien, the Reds have talk right now. "Barry didn't have much to say." NO SHIT! BECAUSE YOU TREATED HIM LIKE SHIT. I HOPE HE GAVE YOU A GREAT BIG FUCK YOU!

Fuck the Reds! Fuck you Carl Linder for spending more money on a fucking festival that happens once every few years (Tall Stacks) than wanting to increase payroll and put some pitching and talent out on the ball field.

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