Wednesday, October 20, 2004


In the name of all that is holy...would you put Pedro on the mound when Lowe has been nothing less than magnificent tonight?

Effing BoSox must want to continue the curse. I understand the theory of bringing Pedro (your ace) into the game, but for fucks sake - the crowd was dead before bringing him into the lineup. Yeah, give them a reason to get into the game! Stoopid effing BoSox.

Already gave up two runs in this inning...nice work Pedro! Must have forgotten to rub his midget.

Hey, I spent $10 and all I got was this picture?

UPDATE: Pedro got his act together, but still gave up some big shots. Come on man...get your head out of your ass!

Sweet, another homer for the BoSox! I'm not so much pulling for the BoSox as I am rooting against the Yankees! Thanks to Scott for that one.

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