Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm Sorry It Has Been A While

No better way to start this off. It has been quite a while and I do apologize for that. Truth of the matter is, I really haven't had much to talk about lately. At least not in the way of poker. I haven't played online for the past three or four weeks and haven't played in any home games for about the same amount of time.

I have been more or less caught up in the football season, some of the end of the MLB season and now the playoffs, and quite a bit of fantasy football. I am quite the geek when it comes to that stuff. I have three leagues that require constant attention. So far, I'm good, middle, and bad in the respective leagues.

I spoke a week or so back about an interesting conversation I had with Iggy. We were talking about a local radio host and the status of Major League Baseball. Speaking of how things are different these days (these days since the last MLB strike). Since that last strike, MLB has lost quite a few fans of the game and haven't truly been able to resurrect our attention spans.

I personally cannot stand George S. and the Yankee nation. That he continually buys players year after year, I guess I'm growing tired of it. Frankly, my aggression is towards the lowly Cincinnati Reds and Carl effing Linder. That asshole is worth more than George S. by about 100 times, yet that old shithead refuses to spend one fucking dime on pitching. He goes out and gets the Reds absolutely no talent. That is the part that Iggy had to "explain" to me. I think that many of the players are grossly overpaid, and that is the inherent problem. If the market will pay it, why shouldn't the players take full advantage? The salary cap is all kinds of fucked in baseball. This much we agreed on. I will stop boring everyone about this. It was nice to have a sports conversation with someone for a change. Most of the people that I work with would prefer to talk politics instead. I love talking politics, but I eat, sleep, and shit sports.

Highlight of the night:
iggy: you dont EVER here people bitching about jim carrey making $20 fucking million for one movie but if it is arod he's evil. Which one is harder?
me: baseball, although, some of those faces jim makes can't be easy

I will try to do a much better job with this thing. I am planning on playing some Party this weekend and I think I will start posting some of my strategies/theories and get more feedback on this stuff. I am trying to learn the interworkings of Poker Tracker, but I don't believe I have enough hands involved yet.

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the absence.

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Brother 9 said...

The Reds are in the crapper, yeah. I don't know much about them now but aren't they better off compared to when Eva Braun was running the show out there?

The lovely people who own the Mariners (Nintendo, of all freaking things) have publicly stated that they would rather have a profitable team than a successful team.

You might wanna call them up and say congratulations on fulfilling the promises stated in the PowerPoint presentations and not being successful.