Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Predictions for NLCS Game 7

After watching the way St. Louis pulled off Game 6 tonight, I cannot fathom them taking the game with The Rocket on the mound.

I would love nothing more than a St. Louis-BoSox World Series, but I don't know if the Cardinals will pull another rabbit out of the hat.

Sidebar...since Yanks-BoSox game isn't quite "over" yet. Yankee fans throwing shit out on the field. Show some freaking class. Don't aim whatever you're throwing at The Passion of the Center Fielder....throw it at your own team which has just made history as having the biggest effing collapse in sports history.

I'm predicting that Boston fans will burn down the city tonight. I hope that they don't since there are still four more games to be played. Also, how tough is Curt Schilling? I don't think I have seen anything like that ever. MJ playing with the flu was tough, but dude had staples in his foot to hold a tendon in place. Eff that man. Shill is the shit as far as I'm concerned. The only thing missing from last night's game was the music from The Natural everytime the camera zoomed in on the bloody ankle.

Cue the music

Well, back on topic now...if anyone would care to make any predictions about tomorrow night's game...feel free. I think the final will be Stros 7 Cards 4.

UPDATE: Game over...What, no handshake between teams? Ah, who cares. Screw the Yankees...yet another year that you can't buy a championship.

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Brother 9 said...

We shoudl come up with an over/under for the date that that bloody sock of Schilling's show up on eBay.

I think I'll open with Oct. 31.