Sunday, March 13, 2005

Greatest Day in College Basketball

Well, my beloved Musketeers will be hoping for a NIT bid. Unfortunately, the late season rally of theirs didn't last past Pat Carroll and St. Joseph. I hope XU makes the field, but I'm not holding my breath with such a pathetic RPI number.

My Kentucky Wildcats pulled one out yesterday! What a great game. Today's SEC championship with Florida will be an incredible game. I'm sure Florida is playing with great confidence after beating UK a week back. I'm sure UK will be playing with revenge on their mind about that game. I look for an ugly game between these two today.

Tonight, I will be sitting in my completely renovated basement (looks great by the way. Once I have my friends digital camera, I'll post some photos of the incredible work done.) watching SELECTION SUNDAY.

I'll predict the #1 seeds. Obviously Illinois and North Carolina will receive them. I think with a win today, UK will lock up the third #1 seed. And, much to my dismay, I believe Duke will receive the forth #1 seed. I truly believe that seed should go to Louisville. They have been playing some great basketball and really, nobody pays them any attention. This team is for real folks. My sleeper pick for the NCAA championship.

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