Monday, March 28, 2005

Not Quite Over it Yet

Wow, what an incredible weekend in college basketball! My brackets were fooked after the first round, well not really, but they are now.

I think that is the greatest weekend ever in college basketball. I have never seen so mnay incredible games.

Although, I have shed the last tear for my beloved Kentucky Wildcats. Incredibly upset about the loss to Michigan State, but hey, I really didn't think they would go as far as they did. I am incredibly proud of those guys. They played their hearts out.

Finally, I have mentioned this before, but Chuck Hayes is going to be sorely missed. I will miss him. He is the heart and soul of this team. Here is an incredible story about him. I don't care what your feelings are towards Kentucky, but you have to respect and love this kid.

Also, I have a post coming on a great movie that I watched this past week. Enjoy the website - Super Size Me!

Sorry for no poker updates. Haven't played due to the holiday weekend. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

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