Monday, March 07, 2005

I promise more is coming

Quite a bit in my world going on right now. I will give a full write up later this week about my meetings last Wednesday. As of right now, I'm still undecided in what my future endeavors are going to be with the new circumstance. I'll explain later. Since I can't give you all the scoop right now, I will go on to other news and leave you a nice photo of Amanda Beard - winner of Page 2 "Hottest Female Athlete" this year. Deservedly so. She's been a favorite of mine for years.

Here's a little photo for you from the SI Swimsuit Edition

Hottest Female Athlete Award Goes Nicely With All Those Gold Medals

Having lots of fun with PokerTracker now that I understand the inter-workings of the software. Big thanks to Iggy and Hank for their diligent work on the book.

These are the best few weeks of the year. March Madness is in full effect! Hoping my Musketeers pull the rabbit out of the hat again this year and roll through the A-10 Tournament for the NCAA bid. I expect the Wildcats to receive a 2 seed. Hope they are somewhere near me this year.

I promise there will be more to come. I'll give you a little tease. If this woman is elected mayor of this city, I will move out of Cincinnati. So, please, let me know how your city is because my wife and I could be looking for a new town to call home.

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