Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Hate Dukie V

Not that anyone out there needed further proof that Dick Vitale is a Duke homer, he has released his All-Rolls-Royce teams for the year, along with his Player of the Year.

Of course he names J.J. Redick the POY and to his First-team. What a bunch of crap. Now, don't get me wrong. J.J. is a good player, but he is not the best player in the country. That title belongs to a certain foreigner, Andrew Bogut of the Utes.

Also, how is Shelden Williams on the 2nd team. Didn't I watch Anthony Myles of Xavier eats his ass up last year in the NCAA Tournament, before XU was "forced out" of the tournament, so Duke could be in the Final Four? Yes, I am saying that the NCAA wants Duke to be in the Final Four every year. The last two foul calls on Myles, with 12 minutes left in the game, last year were bullshit and the refs knew they had to get him out of the game or Duke was going to lose.

I'm so tired of the media sucking the dicks of Coach K and any twit on that team. Dookie V keeps trying to spread the word that J.J. Redick is the best three-point shooter in the country. Hey DICK - look at the stats. Salim Stoudamire out their in Arizona shoots the 3-pointer a lot better. 53% to 41%. Hell, just shooting - SS is at 52% to JJ at 41%.

I know I'm also biased because I am a XU and UK fan. So my hatred runs a lot deeper than almost anyone I know. But, if you don't think the media push the Duke agenda - you're fucked in the head.

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