Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A Little More About Me

To give a little more insight about what you will be reading on this website, I guess I should tell a little more about me. First off, unlike many bloggers, I am not a writer. I know that my grammar isn't the best, but then it gives me something to shoot for.

I am a huge sports fan. I watch everything from NFL to PGA to Nascar. If I had to rank my preferences in sports, I would say:
1. NFL (Steelers, Eagles, Bengals, Browns, Colts - Steelers Fan, but follow others religiously)
2. College Basketball (University of Kentucky and Xavier University fan)
3. College Football (University of Kentucky fan; Notre Dame hater)
4. PGA Golf (Phil Mickelson and Kenny Perry)
5. NBA Basketball (Boston Celtics)
6. Nascar (Rusty Wallace & the Miller Lite Car)
7. Horse Racing (higher if I'm actually there)
8. Baseball (Reds & Braves)
9. Tennis (usually just major tournaments)

I am an average poker player. I play all variations of poker, but like most of America that is enthralled by Texas Hold'em, that has become my game of choice. I have a group of about 10 friends who regularly get together and play. I have been playing online, but only with play money. I don't really enjoy the online games as much because you can't really get a read on the other players. I guess that is the advantage of playing online. I like the challenge of picking up people's tendencies and techniques. I will regularly update this site when I play any poker games to let people know how my runs go.

I am currently training, along with my wife, Julie, for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. I have never been a big runner in the past, but wanted to take on the grueling challenge of running a marathon. My training has officially began and now I am a short four and half months away. I will update on my training progress and eventually make a prediction of what time I will finish the race.

Television shows and video games are also a big release for me. My job is somewhat stressful and many may find it boring, but I won't bother with that for now. I have about five or six TV shows that I regularly watch right now: Las Vegas, CSI:, CSI: Miami, The West Wing, and The Shield. I missed The Shield during the first two seasons, but have been hooked since FX began airing the re-runs leading into the March premiere of Season 3! Great show! Las Vegas is a great new show. How can you not enjoy the cast? Possibly the best looking women on TV all in one show! Storylines are usually pretty good too, not too hokey. The West Wing I believed has "Jumped the Shark" since Aaron Sorkin left the show. This season has been a disappointment. CSI: and CSI: Miami are both incredible shows, but I do give the edge to the original CSI:. Other shows that I typically watch but aren't really on right now are Nip/Tuck, The Sopranos, and Survivor. Yes, I still like Survivor and eagerly await the All-Star version.

Well, I think this is another good start for now. I will eventually get around to posting some photos. I will also begin to offer opinions on some of the things happening in the sports world, such as Roger Clemens and one more year, Dan Marino is a Dolphin again, general NFL Playoffs and College Basketball coverage.

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