Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Preparation is Tough

I really didn't think that I would have had this much interest in playing this tournament. Like I said before, this was really only supposed to be 16 people who for the most part, I knew I could beat in the long run. Now I have 32 people, give or a take a few because some people have dropped out on me, and trying to make sure everyone understands the rules and that I have enough chips, tables, and chairs.....I can't wait for this thing to be over.

Also, an old friend of mine from high school who just moved to the area, I decided to invite him. Turns out this guy is going to be the shark of the day. He financed his grad school by hosting tournaments and playing games. Great! Oh well, I'm the only one who knows that he can play, so that will make for some interesting table talk.

If anyone has suggestions on how to do to the payouts, I'd appreciate it. There is 32 people with a $50 buy-in. I have been debating on paying top 5 with 5th getting the entry fee back and then 1st getting 60% ($930), 2nd at 20% ($310), 3rd at 15% ($232.50) & 4th at 5% ($77.50). I can't convince myself if that is fair or not because part of me only wants to pay the final three at 60-30-10.

Damn these decisions!! Oh well, hopefully it won't end up mattering to me either way because with my luck if I pay Top 5, I'll finish 6th and if I pay Top 3, I'll finish 4th.

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