Monday, January 19, 2004

A Sh!tty Few Days

I apologize for the absence over the weekend. I had quite a bit going on and didn't really feel like looking at the computer much.

Thursday night I had a poker game with several friends. We get together the third Thursday of every month to play a simple $20 game. Now mind you that we are not the greatest players in the world, but we entertain ourselves for about four or five hours. This is where my bad weekend of events begin. I usually win with this group of guys. I know all their mannerisms and know that they all play a very loose game. I only go for the pots when I know I can get them and every once in a while when I know I can't, but I will outplay them.

This wasn't a very good Thursday. One of my very good friends, who hasn't played in six months, joined the group this time. He was the only player whose mannerisms I didn't know, and it came back to bite me in the ass. To make a long story short, here is the hand that took me out. Preflop, he and I are the only ones to stay in. I have the AJc and the flop comes 859c. I'm excited beyond belief to flop the flush! I checked with the intention of raising behind him. Fourth street delivered the Jd. We bet and the river card comes 8h. I decide to move all in. I was only thinking that he had two pair or the flush, but I had him with the Ace high flush. Man was I wrong when he caught the Full Boat on the river. He was holding J8. I realized that I should have bet stronger on fourth street, but sometimes that is how the cards fall. This was the earliest I have ever gone out playing these guys, the second guy out. So, I decided to become the dealer and enjoy the rest of the game as much as I could.

Friday was a hellacious day at work. I came home and drank eight beers and enjoyed the evening with the wife. Late at night I decided to play a little Party Poker, but only the play money kind. I wasn't in the right frame of mind to play for real money.

Saturday was terrible. My beloved Xavier Musketeers and Kentucky Wildcats both got their asses kicked. For those who do know me, I have a sever dislike for Lionel Chalmers. I simply wish he had a better IQ for the game. Luckily I forgot to TiVo the UK game so I didn't have to sit through the misery of that.

Sunday wasn't any better. I was hoping to watch a Colts - Eagles Superbowl, but I have been denied. Peyton was not typical Peyton and Donovan was typical Donovan. Overall, every team I was pulling for this weekend let me down. I'm debating who I will take in the SuperBowl this year. I cannot really predict what will happen. Both teams have incredible defenses. I think I will go with the Patriots because they have been there before, but recent history tells me not to count out John Fox and his Panthers.

That brings me to today. I enjoy the job I have because I get today off. It has been nice to continue to read Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth. I hope these teaching manuals will reflect positively to my big poker tournament I'm having on the 31st. I was planning on having 24 people over, but now we are talking about 32 or 40. I'm just happy my house is big enough to accommodate all these people. I describe the tournament a little later tonight in another post.

I plan on staying a little more current in my posting now that I don't have so much else going on.

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