Sunday, January 25, 2004

Weekend Update

I'm not Tina Fey or Jimmy Falon, but this is my update.
Yesterday was an awesome day. A friend of mine who is getting married in four weeks had an incredible bachelor party. Our day started off playing paintball for five hours. I have never played paintball before, but I must say that was a lot of fun. Damn good time. I got better as the game went on and did better in some challenges. From their we went to the casino boats and gentleman's club.

Argosy Casino is not one of my favorites around here, but that may change soon. We were only spending about two hours at the casino, so there wasn't enough time to sit down at any poker tables and see what I was made of. I decided I would take full advantage of the best odds in the house: craps.

I'm not a huge roller, so the $15 minimum table was plenty for me. Got started right off the bat with the shooter rolling back to back sevens. I thought I might have a good night. Went on a eight point run and doubled my money in less than 20 minutes. It was my turn to roll the dice and usually I do a pretty good job. Rolled a seven right away, then rolled two points and crapped out. Not my best run. Dice went around for a little while and I had about four times what I started with. Table went cold and I ended giving a third of it back. Finally left that table and checked on my friends. Now, I hate roulette, but this one friend I have loves to play it. He was hot last night. Up $450 off roulette! How is that possible.

I eventually went back to the craps tables and went on another small run until this old guy who was throwing chips around showed up at the table. Long story short -- I had $91 out on the table in bets. I had $15 on the pass, $20 behind the pass, $18 on the 6, $18 on the 8, & $5 each hard way. The shooter had been rolling sixes and eights and making me a ton of money. He rolled them the hard way and I couldn't have been happier. Then this guy throws $50 in chips at the table guys right when the dice were coming down in play. His chips hit the dice and the shooter rolled craps. $91 gone just like that because this a-hole couldn't get his bet down in time and caused the dice to make an uncertain move. Of course that a-hole gets his money back because the bet wasn't down in time, nor did they know what bet he was trying to make. Needless to say I was about to go postal on this guy for being an idiot. Thanks to my friends, we avoided any scene that was about to be made. Luckily I wasn't the only one at the table that exchanged unplesantries with this guy. Oh well, you win some and lose some, but we were just getting started. Game over and I ended my night up $300. Can't complain at that. I paid for all the days events and my buy-in for my poker tournament this weekend.

Today was killer too. I haven't seen this bad of weather for a long time. Unfortunately, I decided to go to the Xavier University and Richmond University basketball game. This weather was terrible. It normally takes me about 15 minutes to get from my house to Xavier, but today it took and hour and a half to get home from the game. My house was covered and all the roads are covered. We will have to see about tomorrow and if I will be going into work. I'm not going out on any more roads unless I absolutely have to. I think I will be going out and looking at some trucks or SUVs now too.

Finally, I have been reading a lot of different Poker Blogs out there and I will slowly begin to increase my list of blogs and links. Look forward to an extended post when I'm done with my tournament this weekend.

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