Thursday, January 22, 2004

Another Queen City Poker Series

After reading Iggy's Queen City Poker game, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm putting myself through the same thing in only a few days.

January 31st I will be having a huge poker tournament at my house. I had only planned for there to be about 16 guys, but now I am looking at 32 guys. Not quite sure will everyone will fit around the house, but I think my basement is big enough to for three tables and the fourth will be upstairs in the living room. Good thing that the living room isn't all that nice!

This is a $50 buy-in. Everyone will receive $100 in chips. This is a no limit game, so at any time anyone can go all-in. The beginning blinds start out at $2-4 and double every 30 minutes. This is where the pain in the ass will be because I am supposed to pay close enough attention to everything, including winning. Luckily I will have two other guys helping me out and I am designating one person per table to be in charge too.

It will be interesting how this works out. We are starting at 1:00 pm and going until there is one winner. I probably wasn't as smart as Iggy because my tourney won't be a non-alcoholic event.

If I do pretty well setting this up and playing pretty well, who knows. Iggy, if you're reading this, maybe we can put a tournament on together sometime. I think you will want me to become a little better player first.

Tomorrow night is just a friendly game of poker amongst some of my co-workers. It won't be a hold'em only night. I might have another warm up session before the actual tourney too. I just want to make sure I walk out with $960 in first place. Actually, I just hope my house doesn't get destroyed.

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