Monday, August 23, 2004

Getting Their Stuff Together

Pacific Poker has done a very nice job handling the screw up last night for the Monty Memorial Tournament. Good to see that they realize the negative press they were about to have fall on them. For more info, check out Iggy's site.

Looking forward to a $2300 freeroll. Hell, if we make the buy-in their $25 and our original $20, plus their extra $500 - wow = $3875...imagine all that loot!


Ignatious said...

i'm as surprised as you. i'm just happy they did the right thing. :)

Vadergrrrl said...

Ferry interesting blog. Do you live in Vegas?

Vadergrrrl said...

Sorry cant type today. Ignore my terrible typos.

Bench said...

no, i'm from cincinnati, but a frequent traveler to vegas.