Monday, August 30, 2004

One Hand Typing - What the Hell??

I'm sure some of you are wondering what the hell that means huh? Why would he go and change is name like that? Well, several good reasons.

Last night during the Monty Memorial Poker Tournament, congrats Iggy for winning your own tournament, I had to apologize for all the typos I was making in the chat room. Reason being that my hand was still in the cast from breaking my fifth metacarpal. So, I was typing everything with my left hand and I'm not very good at that. So after I apologized...of course there had to be some joking making involved.

I believe it was Otis that said, "One Hand Typing is like your Indian name." Or something to that effect. Then Scott came up with the best 21st Century line there was, "I used to think in the way that that would make a great band name. Now, that would make a great BLOG name."

Hank also had quite a lot to do with the name change too. And so it was written.

Sorry to confuse everyone.

By the way, the cast came off today and it only took me roughly ten minutes to type this. Man my pinkie is weak right now. Thankfully I do not have to do any physical therapy to make it any better.

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