Monday, August 30, 2004

Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

As of right now, the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is worth over $216,000! Damn that is sweet.

The smallest table they are allowing to hit it is $2/4. That's a bummer for me because I'm not quite established enough to move up right now. I'm sure one of these days I will build my bankroll up enough to be able to handle a long session at the $2/4 tables, but right now is not the time.

I couldn't imagine hitting it, especially with the qualifications needed to hit it.

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Anonymous said...

hey man. couldnt find an email address so ill drop this on here.

i read your piece about young kids taking on poker a few days back. then i was cruising through a catalogue for a shop we have here in england called argos.

when i found this product:

its a nice product. im surprised they stock it and i do plan to buy it, however the last line got me little bit confused as to what message they were trying to send out.

of course they cant be that irresponsible. so next to it in the catalogue is this product:
hmm. i believe in starting poker early (i started at 16ish) but that young???

and i dont think starting anyone gaming is a good idea at any age

Phill S
phillsievers at hotmail dot com