Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Mouth Matusow v. Fossilman Raymer

Overall, watching the WSOP has been entertaining, but nothing as much as what I saw for a few moments last night. Mike “The Mouth” Matusow started to trash talk Greg Raymer at the tables regarding his play, etc.

Unfortunately, we were unable to see the cards because they were not at the featured table, thus without the nifty pocket cam. Since Matusow is nothing more than a loud mouth, whom I cannot stand, the cameras came running over. Now, I only watched this once, so I may have some of the details wrong, but this is what I saw.

Raymer apparently made a bet of $20K after the flop to Matusow, who after a while decided to re-raise to $40K. Raymer, sitting there for a minute with Matusow talking all the trash he could, finally folded. Matusow continued to berate Raymer saying, “You’re playing with the big dogs and I will kill you in this game” blah, blah, blah.

Raymer pulls out his notebook and writes down some notes in it, presumable “Punch Him Next Time!” Matusow tries to offer a handshake saying he didn’t mean anything and Raymer just stared at him and said NO. How sweet was that?!
I bet Matusow thinks a little different about Raymer’s play after he won the big one for a cool $5 million.


Ignatious said...

amen, i can't wait to see that. :)

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