Wednesday, August 25, 2004

How About Some Sports?

It’s been a while since I have talked about any sports on this blog. Not that I don’t have plenty of opinions, just that I haven’t focused on that lately. Well, I will get back to it more regularly, especially with football season around the corner and plenty of money to be made gambling.

NCAA v. USC’s Mike Williams
Seriously, how can it take this long to reinstate this kid? He has done absolutely nothing wrong and the
NCAA won’t rule on his reinstatement. He simply followed the courts ruling when he entered the NFL draft (following the buffoon Maurice Clarrett). After the Courts granted the stay and it was clear he could no longer be in the NFL Draft, he fired his agent and gave back all the money. He quickly re-enrolled back into USC and began taking the proper classes to become eligible and filed all the necessary papers. How can it take this long for the NCAA to do the right thing and let the kid play. The NCAA is the most hypocritical institution and are doing their best to ruin college sports.

NCAA v. CU’s Jeremy Bloom
Talk about a royal fuck-up!
Denying his final appeal and effectively ending his college football career, the NCAA told Bloom that he cannot do two sports at the same time! Really, again I must ask how could the NCAA fuck this up? Bloom is a tremendous athlete and wants to follow his dream of making the Winter Olympics in skiing. Well, he can’t do it all on his own and was going to take sponsorship money to help with his training. He even agreed to turn all the money over to the Olympic Committee to handle, yet the NCAA can’t get their head out of their ass. With all the problems Colorado had had this past offseason, it would have been nice to see a great kid like Bloom on the team. Jeremy, I hope you represent the United States well in the next Winter Olympics and while on the medal stand whisper, “Fuck You NCAA!”

Athens Olympics
This won’t be long because way too much to recap. I love the Olympics and love to watch them. I get a thrill watching our athletes dominate the games. I think Mike Phelps is the best story of the Olympics…
I mean 8 MEDALS!!! Damn that is good. Come to think of it, I can’t wait until the 2008 games and seeing him swim when he is only 23 and stronger! Great story and I don’t care that he didn’t win eight gold’s. He won eight medals, seven in which he competed in the finals, and medalled every time he swam! This is particularly amazing:

Phelps swam roughly 70,000 meters over the past eight days. That's around 40 miles. Didn't Philippides die after running only 26 miles? Didn't they name an event after him? No such luck for Phelps. Nobody else can swim 70,000 meters in a week and then giggle and say, "It's McDonald's time!" Fellow American Erik Vendt, who won silver earlier in the week, says he needs two or three days to recover from his races. And he only swims 400 meters.

Beach Volleyball is great. I can watch that all day, everyday. Yes, some of it has to do with the outfits, but these women are ripped and extremely athletic. Also, my wife is a big beach volleyball player and I have grown to love the game.
Misty May and Kerri Walsh were amazing! The amount of ground they cover and ability to make some of the digs they do, wow! I suck at volleyball, but I’m in training to eventually play for my wife’s co-ed teams, so I feel like I’m allowed to comment.

Paul Hamm won the gold. That is where the
controversy should end. He won. He did what he needed to do to win. It is not his fault the judges fucked up! He shouldn’t hand over any medal to anyone. He shouldn’t share it with anyone either. This doesn’t make his unethical or immoral. I’m tired of everyone saying he should give up his medal or share. You spend your entire life for that moment and tell me that you would do that. I don’t think so. Let me point out that several things are already screwed up with this anyways. First, you are not allowed to review the tape to re-judge…which they did and found the mistake. Second, even if the judges award the correct difficulty – the South Korean guy still made a mistake that would have cost him gold anyways! This whole thing is as ridiculous as me talking about gymnastics.

USA Basketball
what a joke. This unfortunately is the only event where I’m rooting for someone other than the USA. NBA basketball is a farce and so are most of the players. The only guy I like on this team is Tim Duncan. He is old-school and fundamentals. He is what is right with basketball. Not the crap you see every time you turn on the NBA. Another example of how the NBA is a joke…Erik Dampier signs for $73 Million. Why? Is he really worth $73 million…I don’t think so.

USA Softball
Jennie Finch is beautiful. Great for them winning. Wish they could have had the Olympics Shutout, but hey, one run isn’t that bad. Great story too about the coach. Very sad too.

Fantasy Football and NFL Football
This will receive a post all to itself sometime this weekend. My fantasy drafts are coming up in the next couple weeks and I will ask for some analysis on my team and impending drafts for those who are as addicted as I am.

Well, I hope that is enough for you. It has just wetted my appetite for more sports.

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