Tuesday, March 09, 2004

“Woke Up This Morning…Got Myself A Gun”

The Soprano’s Is Back!! I’m like a little kid in a candy store. I have been waiting 15 loooonnnnggg months to see this season. I anticipate this will in fact be the last and bloodiest of them all. I think it is great to bring in Steve Buscemi and Robert Loggia to add some new life to the cast. I love Steve Buscemi! He is a genuine freak on film…playing some of the best roles ever as far as I’m concerned.

This will be a great season with plenty of action. I predict that we won’t be seeing a long love interest between Tony and Dr. Melfi. I think she will be one of the first ones sleeping with the fishes. Pauley and Christopher will have more conflict between the two of them this season, and I will also predict a battle over the family between Tony S. and Tony B. (Steve Buscemi).

Check back for frequent updates on my thoughts about The Sopranos.

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