Tuesday, March 09, 2004

My Latest Purchase

Saturday was a fun day for me. I woke up (which is always nice) and asked the misses what she thought about going truck shopping?? We have finally agreed that we needed a truck because the Nissan Sentra wasn’t getting things done any longer. We are avid campers, hikers, and scuba divers – among other things too. We were trying to cart this stuff and equipment around in the Sentra while trying not to squeeze the dog out was getting to be too much. Plus with all the house work I have scheduled to do this spring and summer, we wouldn’t be able to haul anything. I knew what I was looking for and convinced Julie what we needed. Soooo, we found an incredible deal on a 2002 Chevy Avalanche! It is beautiful and huge. I have never driven anything quite this large, but must admit that it drives like a dream. Can’t believe the deal that we got on this and really look forward to taking advantage of everything this truck allows you to do.

I wish I knew how to post photos to this website (not sure I even can) so I could post the new truck.