Thursday, March 11, 2004

Nobody Would've Predicted That

Wow is the only thing I can say about the Xavier - St. Joe's game today. Yesterday I was confident that the spread for the game would only be 6.5. I told myself if it was anything more than that, I would take XU to not lost by more than that. I was happy to take 8 points today. Needless to say, I say there dumbfounded while XU shellshocked the Hawks. Unfortunately, the 20-point loss doesn't do justice to how bad XU beat them. At one point, SJU was down 34. I think this effectively negates their #1 seed in the Big Dance.

XU has now played themselves into the NCAA Tournament. I'm predicting a 10 or 11 seed.

Way to go Muskies!! I'm proud of you!!


I'm off to play some poker tonight. I think we have 10 or 11 guys, so there will be a nice pot to win. I'll report back tomorrow with the results.

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