Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Madness and Mayhem Are In The Air

This is my favorite time of year. March Madness! I will be pulling for my Muskies tomorrow afternoon as they prepare for battle with St. Bonaventure. This is what I have a small problem with though. I am not sure why St. Bonnie’s is allowed to participate in the A-10 Tournament considering if they win the thing, they cannot accept the NCAA Tournament bid. I understand that this team didn’t do anything wrong and they shouldn’t be punished, but at the same time…sanctions are sanctions. Hopefully this will all be a moot point with the Muskies defeating them and then taking on the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION --- ST. JOSEPH’S!! Now I am not a fan of St. Joe’s. I’m not a bandwagon guy, but how can you not love this story? This is great for college basketball. For the first time in years, the number one team in the country is not a normal national powerhouse. I wish this team luck in their pursuit for the perfect season, but at the same time…I want my Muskies to take down in the quarterfinals of the A-10 tournament and make their way into the Big Dance.

There is all kinds of debate who will receive the fourth number one seed. The first three are locked up…Stanford, Duke, and St. Joe’s. I believe the fourth will be one of the following…Mississippi St., Kentucky, or Gonzaga. If neither Miss. St. or UK make it to the finals of the SEC Championship, Gonzaga will be the last #1 seed. If they both make it to the finals, then the winner will receive the #1 seed. As a UK fan, I would prefer the #2 seed. My prediction would be that UK would be in the same bracket as St. Joe’s and I would prefer that matchup much more than any other #1 seed. St. Joe’s guards are great, but at the same time, UK’s guards are pretty damn good too. It would be a hell of a game if it were to happen, but I think UK would come out on top.

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