Sunday, March 07, 2004

Yesterday Was A Great Day

Yesterday was a gift on the gambling life. College Basketball had some great games and easy money was waiting to be made. Either that, or I was just luckier yesterday than some other days. I wagered on 10 games that I thought were pretty open. I tend not to wager on that many games, but I need to get the bankroll up. I was 8-2 for the day.

The only bad pick for me was Providence...should have known they were falling apart a bit and not given 9 points to Boston College, but it was at Providence. The other loss was Mississippi St. who were 2.5 favorites over Alabama at home.

The next 8 games were great...Wisconsin -5.5 over IU...Oklahoma St -22 over Texas A&M (who were 0-15 in conference)...Xavier +1 at Temple...Tennessee -1.5 over South Carolina...Marquette +5.5 to Louisville...North Carolina +9.5 at Duke...Washington U +3.5 to Stanford...and finally Memphis +7.5 at Cincinnati.

Now truly, the XU and UC picks were what I was hoping would happen and I got lucky. Either way, it was a good day yesterday and the bankroll is climbing.

There are only a few games today and I really haven't looked at the spreads yet. I will probably only bet on the UK-Florida game today. Hopefully my Wildcats can cover 7.5 at home on Senior Day!

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