Monday, March 29, 2004

Only Xavier Fans Will Care

I know that I have been absent from the blog for quite some time now. Like I have said on posts before, my job has kept me quite busy and the very last thing that I want to do at home is play on the computer. Plus, with it being March Madness, I haven’t done much else than watch basketball games. The only thing I have used my computer for the past three weeks is bet on basketball games and be thankful that my Xavier Musketeers have made me a lot of money the past couple weeks. I have wagered on them in every game to cover the spread and the money line to win straight up. I should have cashed in on the money line last night, but the amazing run for the Musketeers had to come to an end. I won’t sit and a bitch and moan about how much I hate Duke and how they get the calls all the time. It will simply sound like a biased opinion at this point. I will say that XU had several ways to win that game last night…Anthony Myles doesn’t foul out of the game, XU wins…period. He proved to be the most dominant player on the court for the time he was in the game. Not Shelden Williams. Not Chris Duhon. Not J.J. Redick. Not Lionel Chalmers. Not Romain Sato. Anthony Myles was the dominant player in the game until he fouled out…then that title went to Luol Deng.

I read a great article from Pete Prisco a CBS Sportsline Senior Writer about the game. He makes a comment in the article about how maybe the referees should have been cutting the nets down with the Blue Devils.

Thank you very much for one hell of a season Xavier Musketeers! You have had one up and down season, but no matter what, you have made all your fans proud to be Xavier fans and you have put XU on the map for good now. XU should no longer be the third team talked about in the city of Cincinnati. XU has proven to be dominant over the Cincinnati Bearcats the past eight years. The University of Kentucky should be the third team mentioned in this city and I love the Wildcats too.


Luckily I can still read many of the poker blogs while at work and I might have figured out a way to circumvent the Websense program that blocks me from posting during the day. I wanted to include links in the format here, and I am hoping that writing in html format will allow a smooth transition and a cut and paste type thing for easy posting when I get home. Iggy as always is an incredible read. Iggy, I know you check in on this blog from time to time and I’m sorry to disappoint that I don’t update as often and that I haven’t joined Party Poker yet. After several live games that I have played in and lost early in those, I have decided to postpone joining up yet to read and practice more on my game. I know right now that it is not a bad run of cards. I have had some bad beats, but I cannot blame the cards for that. I have allowed the possibility of being beat by misreading my opponents and not playing as aggressive as I could. I have no one to blame for this other than myself. I am not re-reading some of the Sklansky books I have and will go back to the drawing board.


Lately, things around my house have been busy too. We had a pond in our back yard from the previous owners. Now, judging from the way my house was when I bought it, everything these people did was half-assed. That included the pond. I have tried everything possible to clean the damn thing up and get rid of the crap, etc. Nothing has worked, so I finally decided to drain it completely, again, and yank the shit out and fill the hole. That is what I have been working on lately. Still don't have the hole quite filled and then I will have to put new mulch down. This homeownership shit sucks sometimes!


Overall, March Madness has been pretty incredible. Yes, I was pissed that UK lost to UAB. It has been unpredictable as usual, except for the first round flameout from Florida. I don't care what any UK fan says, if you would prefer to have Billy Donovan as your coach - you are in need of mental therapy. He can't coach his way out of a paper bag. His players are so soft it is incredible. Well, my interest in the Final Four is less than it used to be. I truly believe XU should have made it to the Final Four, but I am incredibly proud of an Elite Eight finish.


Well, I have figued out how to do this at it home and post. So more will come tomorrow. Until then.

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