Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Out of 10 players last night on a $5+1 SNG, I finished 10th. This was not NL. I haven't requested my hand history yet (will do that when I get home today) to look at how I managed to do that. Early on, dealt AKs UTG -- just call and have several followers. Flop comes QsTs4h. I checked and waited for it to get back around to me. Couple people in MP bet 15 and I re-raised the group to 30. Everyone called. Fourth street brought Ad. I checked again and followed the same strategy as above. All I could think was "Please let the Js fall on the river! Hell, any spade will do!" The river was 8s. I bet and everyone called. I took down a 275 pot and assumed chip leader at that point.

I played tight and mucked away lots of cards. I couldn't believe what was winning some of these hands and how people were staying in with the cards they were dealt. I saw 84s from EP take a pot and crap like that. It was about then that I knew there would be no way I would win this SNG. I posted blinds, only played when I had cards, but was falling into 6th or 7th in chip position because of what these people played.

Eventually busted out when the blinds/betting put me all-in with AK suited (can't remember which suit) and I was called with J4o! I was the BB in this situation too. Flop was K54. Fourth street was 8. River card --- yep...J. Two pair, J's & 4's. I'm not sure I have ever called anyone with J4 unless I'm in the BB and it is checked to me. Oh well, I finished 10th. Not a good showing. After that, I couldn't bring myself to play any longer, so I drank another beverage and went to bed.

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